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When old men and women are alone, their life circumstances completely change, and they become more sensitive to others and feel that children have forgotten them. Even if he visits them every day.

According to the news magazine Jam jam She wrote, “After her husband died she became a recluse. People around him noticed this. Since he was on his own, he felt that the other children did not treat him as they did. Her children’s expectations were raised and she thought they were. He was a burden to his children, sometimes he would cry on his own, but he tried to Be strong in front of the children.The grandchildren are no longer bored.Whenever they play, it is as if it is spinning in his brain.Life together passed before his eyes like a movie.He wished he could go back and touch the old man’s hand in his hand.He had just learned how to call a taxi from his cell phone, and whenever he gets a chance he walks Behesht-e Zehra Road to reach his grave.When old men and women are left alone, their life conditions completely change, they become more sensitive to others and children feel forgotten. Even if you visit

Confinement in a solitary cage

Many experts believe that being single after life with a partner is a huge trauma for seniors. After the death of their spouses, these people no longer have the drive to be happy, they lock themselves in a cage of loneliness, and their children, families, and people around them must provide conditions for the peace of these elders. a man with life

Feeling of approaching death

Muhammad Zamani, an expert in folk medicine, explains to Lijam Jam that death is a natural problem, but when a man loses his wife at an advanced age, death approaches and haunts him. Despite the fact that the middle-aged body suffers a decline in performance with age, this decline in performance and the occurrence of diseases makes a person feel the approach of death.

Pointing out that the death of one of the spouses causes great stress to the elderly and increases his weakness, this doctor says in his explanation: The elderly person cannot create entertainment for himself after death due to physical problems and old age. His wife and this makes him feel that he is not far from death.

Don’t leave the elderly alone

He continued by saying that some elderly people have a more stable personality and can maintain themselves to a large extent after the death of their spouses, but not all elderly people are like this and their mental and physical condition cannot either. Their roles through changing circumstances “make them more predictable than before. And their children expect to spend more time with them.”

He asserts that these people are more depressed and this depression makes them suffer from malnutrition and susceptible to disease. The story becomes more significant when the financial situation of an elderly man who lost his wife is not good and he must seek help from his children to survive or cover his living expenses.

Children should have more air of single parents

Zamani notes: At times like these, families should have more air for their single parent than before. He continued, “Depression is one of the main side effects of loneliness in old age, and these children can prevent the occurrence of this psychological disorder, and the more an elderly person spends alone with his children and family, the less depressed he will be.” His mood, these visits of an elderly person who has spent his life with his children and is now helping his children, does not feel lonely. It may not matter much to the young, even a few minutes of phone calls or a meeting with parents can have a tremendous impact on a person’s soul. Leave the single parents.

Don’t break up with your friends

The geriatrics specialist confirms: The elderly have another way to strengthen their morale, which is to communicate with their friends, as the elderly have common thoughts and memories or common pains, which opens dialogue between them. In this way, the elderly person feels that he is not alone and feels that there are people who understand the pain, and this story makes them feel better, and these meetings and conversations with their friends reduce the burden of pressure on their shoulders. Children and elderly parents can expect little from them.

You have to think of one problem with dealing with old people, old people are not children. Sometimes some of us forget that this parent has a certain dignity and dignity, we must be careful in our behavior so as not to endanger this dignity and not act in a way that offends them.

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