Enemy fireworks will start working against the election

In a special news interview, the Minister of Interior said: The enemy’s fireworks will go off against the elections, and they will try in every way to make people hesitate to participate in the elections by spreading desperation, irrelevant talk, rumors and rumours.

According to the report of the policy group of the Ana Science and Technology Agency, Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi clarified the details of the new election law in a special news interview and said: Those who wish to participate in the elections must go through a pre-registration process. Pre-registration for council elections will begin on August 16, and if no one takes action, they will forfeit the opportunity to volunteer. In pre-registration of educational qualifications, men’s end of service, no bad record, and no dual nationality are the criteria. As a result, when we reach the final registration, we will not have these problems and we will deal with the real candidates in this way.

Stressing that elections are always emphasized by sympathizers of the regime, the Minister of Interior said: Elections are the point of strength in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the enemies are trying to seize this great opportunity from our nation.

He added: Therefore, it is likely that the enemy’s incendiary bombs will be launched against the elections, and they will try in any way to make people hesitate to participate in the elections by spreading despair and inappropriate speech and spreading rumors and rumours. Of course, their arrows always hit the rock and I think we’ll have a spirited election. Our enemies are against democracy, and they, of course, falsely show themselves in favor of the people.

Explaining the status of the proportionality proposal, Vahidi said: “The election proportionality is an expected issue for Tehran, and in the end the Islamic Council removed it.” There are two points of view. Some consider the proportional system to be a positive, which can become a factor for having more groups and groups interested in participating. Anyway, in the proportional system, they can send a percentage of their representatives to parliament, and that creates more incentive. The opponents also had other words, which eventually caused him to be removed from the law for the time being. Of course, what was expected in the law was not an absolute proportional system, but a proportional system and a mixture of the majority, and because of the problems that were taken, eventually led to its removal.

And on the issue of candidates’ announcements, especially in the virtual space, he said: The time and duration of the announcement has not changed much, but it is expected, according to the policies announced by the leadership of the revolution, that the facilities will be available to the candidates, especially for those who do not have sufficient financial capabilities. Of course, the framework and guidelines for these ads will be announced later. Advertising laws in the virtual or non-virtual space will follow one rule. In this regard, a special advertising working group will be formed to comply with the rules.

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