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Narges Noor Alzadeh in an interview with an online reporter about the launch of the Mother and Child Park in Hamedan. He said: We really lack spaces such as the mother and family garden, spaces where women can be with their children in a safe environment, or such places in Hamedan.

He recalled: The lack of a space in which to feel safe and comfortable with the family, especially women with their children, is very evident in the urban environment.

A member of the culturally active women’s association in Hamedan Province reported that in the past, due to the structural system that prevailed in people’s lifestyle, most homes had courtyards, and this environment created a very comfortable and suitable environment for families, children’s play, and the presence of groups of women. For this reason, the lack of a space where you can be safe and comfortable with family, especially women with their children, is very noticeable in the urban environment.

Noralzadeh explained: In the city of Hamedan, we only have women’s gardens, the size and scope of which does not match the needs of today, and its area is very limited and small. In addition, with the size of the city, we need at least these spaces to be scattered in different areas of the city and to provide services to different parts of the city and citizens from different areas.

The woman’s affairs official in the municipality of Hamedan said: The program is currently on small size Hello With regard to the construction of the Mother and Child Park, for this purpose, in two densely populated areas of the city, Districts 3 and 4 have been identified and identified. seek It is that with God’s help the place seek specified and approved Cheddar City officials enter the implementation field and carry out implementation work.

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