Targeting Mashhad International Fair to hold an exhibition in Riyadh

Informants / Khorasan Razavi The Mayor of Mashhad said, “We are looking forward to the Mashhad International Exhibition to be Iran’s exclusive exhibition in Cairo in March this year, and we are also planning to hold an exhibition in Riyadh.”

Muhammad Reza Qalandar Sharif said, at the conclusion of the second exhibition to reveal the investment packages and export capabilities of the free and private economic zones that were held at the Mashhad International Fair, today, July 30: The exhibition is a good opportunity to present services, capabilities and everything that can help in various fields so that we can strengthen the economic situation. This exhibition was also held as a showcase for the potential of free zones and investment packages.

Pointing out that the municipality of Mashhad carries out many activities in the field of investment, he added: In order to display the opportunities that exist in the province, we decided to create a single window in the Mashhad International Fair where all institutions related to the province are located in one place so that they can communicate with Iranian and foreign investors and attract money in the shortest time and in the easiest way. Free zones also enter this area and have a permanent presence in the exhibition.

Qalandar Sharif noted: Last night, we signed a memorandum of understanding with the free zones so that we can also be present to attract investors. Investment is one of the most important points in the economic field, especially in the field of municipalities, according to the Law of Sustainable Income. One of the leading areas for municipalities is to attract investors.

The Mayor of Mashhad said: Mashhad Gallery has many possibilities in the field of holding exhibitions inside and outside the country. Many exhibitions are held in Mashhad International Fair throughout the year, and exhibitions have also been held abroad. Mashhad International Fair will hold an exclusive exhibition for the Islamic Republic of Iran in Beirut.

And he continued: We are looking forward to holding an exclusive Iran exhibition in Cairo next March, and we are also planning to hold an exhibition in Riyadh. At Mashhad International Fair, we announce our readiness to hold exhibitions that the Islamic Republic intends to hold abroad in the field of special economic zones and free zones.

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