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According to an online reporter, this letter reads: Sometimes some concepts of the world of humanity, divinity, earthly and heavenly have such a gravity and attraction that they can cause romantic or mystical feelings. Oh .. you To provide that in all moments pride, joy, passion, intelligence and beauty coexist as fully as possible within art and art.

With complete humility, we take the lofty status of the martyr and the “happy martyr” as an excuse to hold a mystical festival of “poetry and obsession” in the Malkotian air, and, indeed, to quench our thirst for love that this excuse. From the light, join us ‘candle’. Now, in the first invitation to the provincial poetry festival “The Beloved Leader”, especially for the martyr Sardar Muhammad Jaafar al-Saeedi (the martyr of the year 1402, Bushehr Province), we witnessed a barrage of poetry and enthusiasm.. The scent of heavy work, in terms of quantity and quality, surprised all of us, the martyr’s family, and even made us happy..

Of course, when we saw the greatness of the epic of each one of you, the greatness of the greatness of the martyr and martyrdom, and the rise of the lofty spirit of the martyr Saidi, we did not find such a welcome..

You poets and orators have added the ‘highest degree’ to your honors in this test-like call, but that was no reason why we in Tahidistan did not contribute to the congress of Sardar Shaheed Saeedi and the family of the martyr, who bear prestige. We are so honored to be associated with Shahid Saeedi, we cannot express our gratitude and appreciation to you.

Well done to you who deserve this honor, I thank you for singing “Shekmeh Ethar” with the cream of love and sincerity as much as possible..

We are grateful to Swede Jean for the green and fragrant presence along with your insight and knowledge on the Poetry Festival Channel.

Undoubtedly, your great work is so noble and valuable that the response to all this glory and greatness is nothing but the gracious look of the martyr and the bounty of God the martyr is your destiny.. the

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