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Listen / Tawakkil One of the most complex music made in Iran

When the series “Mokhtar Nameh” composed by Daoud Miragri was broadcast for the first time in 2009 on Ik Sima channel, one of its most important elements that attracted a lot of attention was the music of this series, which the composer considered to be one of the most complex music made in Iran!

According to the informants, the soundtrack of the series “Mokhtarnameh” was composed by “Amir Tavasoli” and three orchestras “Pars”, “Nyreka Rhythm Orchestra” and “Tehran Philharmonic Choir”.

An important part of the music of this series, in addition to the “lullaby” from the series’ end credits, which reached the final version with the changes made by the composer, is the first credits music, which includes four different themes, and its beginning consists of the sound of the series’ swords themselves.

According to the author of this series, Mokhtarnameh’s music is one of the most complex ever created in the country’s music history.

He said about the music of the “Mokhtarnameh” series: “I used all the music that is common in our country and a lot of music that is not common or very distinctive to create what I heard. The music of Mukhtarnameh has such a new texture that when the audience listens, they don’t feel that this music is formal or that there are no roots of official music in it. This means that this music should not be unfamiliar to him and he should feel quite familiar with it. On the other hand, its form is not like all the other music we have heard so far. I have done a lot of manipulation in these groups. But the music of the series has been greatly influenced by Music of regions and places. Perhaps seventy percent of Mukhtarnameh’s music is this.”

In this episode, you can hear the opening credits of the Mukhtarname series:

“Mokhtarnameh” is a 40-episode series directed by “Daoud Merbagheri”. It was broadcast for the first time in 2009 on Ek Sima channel. This series narrates some of the events of the years that followed the Ashura incident and the uprising of “Al-Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi” due to the lust for the blood of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his companions. In this series, 110 main actors and 400 minor actors played roles, and 15 people were responsible for making faces in this series.

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