500 million womb rent with a health certificate and no addiction

In the early 1980s, he worked as a teacher at the newly created IVF Institute and rented a uterus at the university. Bar In addition to presenting the topic in order to provide jurisprudence-legal solutions in reversing and resolving the challenges of the progress of this newly established legal institution, I invited other sciences, including the humanities, seminaries, etc. . , Such institutions must be carried out with appropriate diligence to answer questions and ambiguities, and in this way research must be conducted in the field of reducing the effects of corruption and uncertainty caused by having children.

In educational lectures and workshops, some of the audience respond and interact with the pronunciation of expressions such as womb, fertilization, sperm, etc. I also tried to avoid repeating these words. I looked carefully at the heaviness of the atmosphere and saw from the angry eyes, eyebrows, and anger of some city and county residents and officials who were the guests of the meeting that it was necessary to give any words and information in this regard. such problems. I was constantly presenting in Chinese and apologizing.

As for today, the discussions and challenges that emerged at that time regarding finding a jurisprudential solution to determine the duty of the children’s fathers as a result of this method of understanding and diligence, and after two decades, the ruling of not respecting the recognition of the foundations of Sharia, jurisprudence and liquidation .. This concept was acceptable in society at that time Very late and with difficulty.. In the fourteenth century AD, society considered artificial insemination and uterine fertilization as a suitable solution to have a child and remove it. The sadness of women not getting pregnant and the cries of infertility in men are still far from the mind, and on the other hand, when you see advertisements for renting a womb, you hear the urgency of interest in it. And this voice is nothing but a warning voice to break the sanctity of preserving human dignity! In this way the problems that may be solved for the children born can be solved.

Since time immemorial, there have been attempts to monitor published notes Online news agencyI was searching on Google and came across this ad.500 million for graduates of pregnancy with a health certificate and addiction treatmentI don’t know how many officers and officials of the system had the time and patience to see and observe such letters and notes and were looking for people like me, but they are familiar with all kinds of suffering. The people of this community, though their blood boils, their veins swell, and their pride touches them, at least they started working to overcome this miserable situation. Think of such instant and effective messages to determine why and why you should post them.

My dear officers, have you ever wondered what happened in the life of the people of this land that a highly educated young woman would like to rent out a part of her body to another for money? Have you considered such a procedure to prevent the psychological harm caused by this procedure? Do you know the consequences of the passionate and emotional relationship that binds a woman to the fetus in her womb? Would you consider renting a womb as a business and if so, would you consider such a business for the psychological consequences? It is you who should at least think about dissolving the soul and spirit of the nation!

It is clear and obvious that this new state of the law and world of reproduction is good and its positive effects outweigh its negative effects, even with the view that surrogacy is only for making money etc. When such an institution without recognizing the mental and psychological challenges of this phenomenon and its individual social pathology becomes a popular and dominant trend, we undoubtedly expect to hear and see the problems and sufferings of women. They are willing to do this in order to obtain minimal social and legal support and to solve their financial problems.

In conclusion, it’s no coincidence that you’ll hear the alarm about the irreparable consequences of advertising surrogacy, though I do wish men’s ears would hear a little more. There was a telephone to listen to, during which countless rings rang and he listed examples of civil rights violations and horrific examples of inattention to necessity that I was not required to give you in time. By preserving human dignity, I would like to draw your attention to a part of Amir Mo’menan’s letter to Qais, in which he says:

Your domain is not your prey, but your confidence is around your neck and you are required to obey someone above you. It is not for you to rule your subjects as you wish. Or involve yourself in a larger matter unless you receive an order. You have wealth from God Almighty and you are the treasurer to entrust it to me. I hope I’m not being a bad judge to you. And peace; And your work is not yours, rather it is a trust on your neck, and you hide it from yourself. Do not be afraid of your people, and do not be afraid without assurance. And in your hand is a wealth from God’s treasure, and you entrust it to me from his treasure. And for that, I will not be evil. And may God bless him and grant him peace.(The name of Nahj al-Balaghah 5).

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