Details of the cleric’s struggle

The informers / Gillan The Chief Constable of Langerode declared that the reason for the quarrel between the cleric of Langerode and his brother’s wife was a dispute over property and the division of the inheritance.

According to the informants and quoting the Gilan police, after a video clip was published in cyberspace about a conflict between a cleric and his brother’s wife in one of the villages of Atakur Langrud, the investigation of the case was put on the agenda of the police.

Colonel Hamid Reza Sarkhoshpur stated that the dispute between the cleric and his brother’s family was due to a difference of opinion regarding the establishment of an access road to inherited land, and added: This cleric, who went to his brother’s house to negotiate the opening of the access road, faced objections and obstacles from his wife upon his arrival.

The police officer added this: After the cleric’s brother’s wife prevented him from entering the house and tension escalated between them, the cleric lost control and attacked and assaulted his brother’s wife.

Sarkshbour said: The lawsuit, together with the statements of the two parties regarding the property dispute and the division of the inheritance share, was sent to the Public Prosecution and the Revolution, and it is under consideration.

In the end, Colonel Sarkhoshpur, while advising citizens to exercise restraint and refrain from arbitrary and illegal actions, said: The police are investigating and taking action to determine other aspects of this case.

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