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Increase body inflammation with omega-6

Dietitian Jalala Asgari mentioned rapeseed oil and walnut oil as plant sources rich in omega-3 and says: omega-3 is anti-inflammatory and one of the functions of omega-3 is to prevent the inflammatory cascade in the body.

Asgari said: Corn oil and sunflower oil contain omega-6 fatty acids that increase inflammation in the body, and an imbalance between omega-3 and omega-6 causes inflammation in the body.

A faculty member at Iran University of Medical Sciences said: Probiotics are wonderful food sources that increase their effect on the normal intestinal microflora and improve digestive health, as well as increase and prevent insulin resistance. fats in the blood, prevent it from becoming metabolic syndrome, obesity, etc.

He continued: Probiotics also play a role in the prevention of respiratory infections, due to the increase in the number of beneficial and positive bacteria, and their positive effects, as well.

Asgari said: Legumes and dairy products with fermented fats provide a favorable environment for the growth of intestinal bacteria and thus the production of probiotics.

He stressed that garlic and onions contain a substance called allicin, which increases the body’s resistance to viruses and fungi. It is recommended to use these two types of foods in different forms in the daily diet.

Source: Young Journalists Club

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