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The Iranian Corona Vaccine “Pastecoad” was made at the Pasteur Institute

According to Shafaf, the results of a preclinical study of the Pascode vaccine (based on adenovirus) of the Pasteur Institute in Iran have been published in reputable international journals.

Covid-19 vaccines around the world rely on a variety of technologies and approaches, including inactivated vaccines such as Sinoform, mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer, protein vaccines such as Novovax and adenovirus vectors such as AstraZn. In Iran, locally produced vaccines are based on protein and inactivated vaccines. The Pasteur Institute in Iran, with the participation of the Cuban-Finnish Institute for the Pasteococcus Vaccine Project, has a unique conjugate protein technology that began in October 2016 to produce a Pascode vaccine based on the adenovirus vector.

It should be noted that the production technology of vaccines based on adenovirus vectors has such important features as remarkable efficiency, production possibility and rapid design, which is available in very few countries.

In addition to the spike protein used in other vaccines, the Covid-19 nucleocapsid protein has also been used in the design of the Pascode vaccine to produce an effective vaccine. After quality control steps and preliminary testing including immunoassay, determination of vaccine safety and prophylactic and prophylactic efficacy are carried out as per FDA instructions, relevant food and drug related documents are provided. Management.

The results of this study, recently published in the prestigious International Journal of Vaccine (1), show that the vaccine has the ability to stimulate the cellular immune system against quid-19 virus and produce neutralizing antibodies against different types of Quid-19. . Like the side of Wuhan. Contains lambda, delta and omicron. Of course, this is the first project to produce a corona vaccine in the country that succeeded in publishing preliminary results before applying for a license for a clinical trial.

Establishing the infrastructure for the production of vaccines and medicines using adenovirus vectors and localizing this valuable technology in the country is important due to its benefits such as mass production and low production costs. In critical and critical situations, without dependence on other countries, other types of cancer should be used to meet the needs of the country.

It should be noted that the results of the third phase of the clinical trial of the frostbite vaccine, which was conducted by the Iranian Pasteur Institute in 8 Iranian cities last year, were reported in the most prestigious international journals. will be released soon.

Evaluation of the efficacy, toxicity and protection of candidate PastoCoAd vaccines: a primer mixture and downregulation of rAd5 S protein, rAd5 RBD-N and SOBERANA dimeric-RBD.

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