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Which Samsung Air Purifier Should I Buy for Home, Office or Store?

People who live in large and densely populated cities like Tehran and Isfahan have unhealthy air most of the year, which is why air purifiers are very necessary and mandatory for homes and apartments in these cities. In this article, we will review the types of Samsung air purifiers. If you need the information to buy the best Samsung air purifier that can be used in residential, commercial, and office buildings, stick with theoretical ventilation until the end of this article.

Samsung air purifier

With the expansion of cities and the increase in the use of public and private vehicles, as well as the development of industrial factories, air pollution has increased especially in major cities. Carrying out daily activities at work and at home leads to the formation of small and suspended particles, as well as the entry of air pollution into your living or working place, causing various diseases. The suspended particles in the air you breathe are very sensitive and cause problems such as allergies and asthma to the lungs of people, especially sensitive age groups such as the elderly and children.

To solve this problem, it is necessary and important to use an air purifier. Samsung (SAMSUNG) is active in the production of various household appliances such as air purifiers. This company has managed to be in the list of the best manufacturers in the competitive market by using modern technology and expert forces. Samsung air purifiers are produced in four models bearing the brand names B90, C60, G42 and G35 and are available in the market.

Types of Samsung Air Purifiers

Air purifiers make the air in the desired space completely clean and create a comfortable environment. The radius covered by each of these devices differs from each other, some are enough only for a bedroom, while some of their models are suitable for an area of ​​\u200b\u200bup to several hundred meters. Before buying, it is better to pay attention to the issue of acquiring the right model. Also, some air purifiers have an odor sensor and can detect bad smell around. Samsung’s best introduction to air purifiers is:

Samsung Air Purifier Model B90

The Samsung Air Purifier has 5 stages of filtration and is able to remove 99% of pollutants. air conditioner Samsung B90 Contains multiple filters and filters for any type of pollution such as dust, allergens, soot, carbon monoxide, viruses and bacteria in the air and gives you healthy air, these filters include Virus Doctor and Bozda filter (Deodorization). Filter) and Dust Filter, HEPA Filter and Plasma Filter (S-Plasma Ion).

This device has a unique design and beautiful appearance and is suitable for an environment with a maximum area of ​​90m.This air purifier with automatic mode measures the amount of pollution in the air and adjusts the air quality level automatically. It has a nano humidification system, the ability to turn on and off the UV lamp, and it is also equipped with a timer.

Samsung C60 Air Purifier

The Samsung Air Purifier features a beautiful design and high quality with 4-stage filtration to purify the suspended matter in the air and give you clean, odor-free air. air conditioner Samsung C60 Covering an area of ​​up to 60 square meters, this device has a digital sensor to detect fine dust and a gas sensor. It also has the ability to control and connect to WiFi through a separate dongle. Another unique feature of this device is its high filtration capacity over a wide range and in three directions.

Samsung G42 Air Purifier Model

Featuring a unique design and high efficiency, the Samsung Air Purifier covers an area of ​​40 square meters and has a three-stage filtration system that removes any suspended matter in the air and gives you fresh air. air conditioner Samsung G42 In automatic mode, the amount of pollution is measured and energy consumption is automatically adjusted to maintain optimum air quality. In sleep mode, a quiet and quiet airflow is produced and the air sensor light is turned off to help you sleep deeply. Other features of this device include WiFi connectivity, ease of service and maintenance.

Samsung Air Purifier Model G35

The Samsung air purifier with a beautiful and unique design has a three-stage system for air purification and environmental decontamination up to 35 square meters. air conditioner Samsung G35 It has a dust sensor and measures the amount of pollution instantly and displays the results using an LED light with a 4-color indicator on the body of the device and allows you to measure the amount of air purity monitoring continuously. Child lock, sleep mode, auto mode are other features of this Samsung air purifier.

Troubleshoot automatically using the remote control

If the air conditioner has a malfunction, for example, if there are malfunctions in the motor, compressor, sensor and PBA, the display will show an error code (for AR9500T models after 2020). When this error code Not Possible appears, it is necessary to clean the filter, disconnect and reconnect the power. If an error code is displayed, contact the Samsung Contact Center.

Check Samsung Air Purifier Error Code

  • The indoor unit stores the date of the last three fault codes.
  • If an intermittent error occurs, you can check the error log.

Detailed information (model)

  • Indoor unit: There is only a two-way communication model (L, N, F1, F2) AR9500T.
  • Wireless remote control: included with the product.

How to check Samsung air purifier

  • Step 1. Turn off the indoor unit and the remote control.
  • Step 2. In front of the indoor unit at the same time 3 keys MODE + SET + <) Hold for five seconds.
  • Step 3. The error codes then appear on the indoor unit display in the order in which they occurred most recently.

For example, Axxx, bxxx and cxxx mean the last three errors (engine fault, dust sensor fault, and communication fault).

A, B, and C are added in the order of occurrence of the error.


  • If no error occurred in the past, “00” will be displayed on the indoor unit display.
  • The error code disappears when the indoor unit is turned off.

Inquire about the price and purchase of a Samsung air purifier through theoretical ventilation

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer your potential questions about the Samsung Air Purifier.

Who should buy a Samsung air purifier?

Nazari Air Conditioning Company is at your disposal with the best Samsung air purifiers for buying advice and price inquiries.

What do I do when my Samsung air purifier beeps?

Given the multiple reasons, it is best to contact a Samsung representative.

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