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Signing the Health Agreement of the Shanghai Member States on the Islamic Republic

The Minister of Health proposed strengthening health diplomacy as one of the government’s programs and announced the establishment of the Ministry of Health of the Shanghai Agreement in Iran.

Doctors are informants according to Bahram Ain Allah On the sidelines of his visit to the Malikabad Center for Integrated Health Services in Khorasan Jardi, Razavi said: Iran has a strong health field in the region and the opportunity should be used to strengthen health diplomacy. Since last week, the Group of Five has held meetings in Tehran, attended by the health ministers of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, and representatives of the World Health Organization.

He said: During the President’s visit to participate in the Shanghai Summit, the members signed the Health Agreement and it was decided that the member states of the Shanghai Organization will cooperate with each other in the field of health. We call on this organization to strengthen health cooperation with Iran.

The Minister of Health noted: Given the special position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of health, Shanghai’s cooperation in the field of health is one of our most successful regional interactions.

According to Wibada, Ain Allah pointed out that the scope of health cooperation exceeds geographical borders, and said: We look forward to removing the borders of the countries of the region for joint cooperation in the field of health, holding scientific conferences, and exchanging professors. . Students and collaborative research.
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