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Beware “pregnant mothers” of this dangerous experience!

Informants / Kermanshah Amniocentesis is a diagnostic test for expectant mothers to identify genetic problems in their fetus, but due to the potential risks of this test, it is not recommended for all mothers.

Dr. Tarawat Fakhri, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, said in an interview with reporters, referring to the various applications of the amniocentesis test: This test is used to diagnose genetic, chromosomal and fetal metabolic diseases.

He added: By conducting this examination, if the fetus suffers from genetic disorders that are not treatable and the child cannot survive if born, permission to terminate the pregnancy will be issued with the approval of the Forensic Medicine Authority.

Fakhry said: To perform this test, a small amount of amniotic fluid is extracted through a thin needle, and cytological analyzes are performed on it.

The obstetrician-gynecologist said this: With the investigations, the genetic formula of the fetus becomes clear, and its congenital diseases and genetic disorders can be identified.

He pointed out: Given that the needle reaches the sac containing the amniotic fluid, there is a possibility of rupture of the sac, premature birth and even miscarriage in one percent of the mothers who perform this test, so it is not recommended for all mothers.

My gynecologist confirmed this: amniocentesis is an invasive test and should be done for a small number of mothers.

Fakhry said: This examination is not recommended except in the opinion of the doctor and for mothers whose genetic examination showed a high probability in the fetus.

He added: It is also recommended that this examination be performed for mothers who show signs of congenital diseases in the fetus on ultrasound.

He explained: This test can be performed between the fifteenth week or the sixteenth week to the eighteenth week of pregnancy for a period of two weeks so that there is no prohibition on abortion in case of a problem.

Fakhry said: This examination can be done in doctors’ offices that have facilities such as ultrasound.

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