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The latest status of paying nurses’ salaries / following up on the collection of claims due to nurses in the year 1400

The Deputy Minister of Nursing at the Ministry of Health indicated that the bulk of the tariff budget for nursing services was redistributed on two occasions: More than 95% of universities of medical sciences received from this place.

Dr.. Abbas Abadi in an interview with reporters. Regarding the last case of paying nurses’ salaries based on the Nursing Services Tariff Law, he said: In 1401, the credit was collected from the budget of 5000 billion tomans for the tariff for nursing services from the Program and Budget Organization to the number of basic insurances amounting to 3.4 heymat (one thousand billion tomans) as it was returned Distributing most of the amounts related to the Health Insurance Corporation to universities of medical sciences in two rounds.

He added: Of course there may be cases and limited cases that have not yet been redistributed, but more than 95% of the universities of medical sciences received from this place.

He said about balancing the tariff for nursing services for the year 1402: One of the good things that happened with the help of the Islamic Council was that the tariff for nursing services was included in the per capita health tariff, like the rest of the treatment tariffs. On this issue, it is included in the per capita share of health, and we do not put a ceiling on it. Based on this, based on the knowledge of each nurse, insurance companies are obliged to pay the money.

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In response to a question about the task of calculating the tariff amounts for nursing services that were supposed to be considered as of January 1, 1400, he explained: The insurance authorities gave a commitment to the Ministry of Health in the presence of the Executive Vice President in the presence of the Presidential Institution, provided that in relation to the three months a payment is made at the end of the previous year. Of course, this work has not yet been completed and is currently known as the Fellows’ Order and we continue to collect it.

Referring to the approaching date of elections for the organization of nursing, he said: The organization of the nursing system is a professional achievement due to the efforts of our colleagues in the past periods, and I emphasize the maximum participation of colleagues in nursing. So that effective colleagues have the opportunity to participate in the board and the board. They have an excellent organization and this organization also helps in professionalizing the field of nursing and fulfilling people’s rights for quality nursing services.

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