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Is the production of an anti-aging vaccine real?

Is the production of an anti-aging vaccine real?

Is the production of an anti-aging vaccine real? According to Dr. News, a research team from Japan said that they have produced a vaccine that destroys zombie cells, which can extend human life as a result of its injection. Zombie cells accumulate with age and damage neighboring cells, causing diseases associated with aging. The team confirmed that a decrease in zombie cells was observed in mice injected with the vaccine.

Anti-aging research advances

On the other hand, last October, an international team from universities in the UK, Spain, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia looked for another way to deal with old cells. Dr Salvador Masip, from the University of Leicester, who was part of the research team, said: ‘The biological process of aging is very complex, so it is unlikely that a single mechanism will be able to stop or reverse it completely. However, there are likely many ways to slow it down, and it appears that cleaning out old cells One of the simplest and easiest methods.Researchers still do not know how long it is possible to extend the life of an organism.Some believe that there is a limit.During a person’s life [تقریبا ۱۳۰سال تخمین فعلی است] While others believe that immortality is possible on paper. “It’s too early to know how much life can be extended and if there is a limit, but it looks like we don’t have to wait long for an answer,” Salvador Masip explains. The field of antiaging research is advancing very rapidly

Trying to stop the aging process at the cellular level

“We can expect this vaccine to be used to treat atherosclerosis, diabetes and other age-related diseases,” said Toru Minamino, a professor at Juntendo University in Tokyo, Japan. The team’s research results have been published in the online edition of the journal Nature Aging. Senescent cells refer to cells that have stopped reproducing but do not die. They destroy nearby healthy cells by releasing chemicals that cause inflammation.

Cellular aging is believed to speed up the aging process as well as age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and some types of cancer. The team identified a protein found in senescent cells in humans and mice and developed a “peptide” vaccine based on the amino acids that make up the protein. The vaccine enables the body to make antibodies that bind to the old cells, which are then removed by the white blood cells that bind to the antibodies. When the team injected the vaccine into mice with atherosclerosis, many of the accumulating senescent cells were removed and the damaged areas shrunk. Many of the drugs on the market that kill old cells are anti-cancer drugs that may have many side effects. According to the Japanese research team, the side effects of the new vaccine are fewer and its effectiveness lasts longer.

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