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The launch of TT started with 400 million

TT sold nearly 400 million Toman tickets on its first day of release.

According to the informants, the film “TT” by director Aida Bahandeh was revealed two years ago at the 39th Fajr Film Festival in Iran. This movie has not been released in the past two years due to the spread of the Corona virus, but its general release began yesterday in cinemas across the country.

This romantic film by Pahanande and his wife Arslan Amiri, Elnaz Shakerdoost, Hoten Shakiba and Parsa Pirozfar play the main roles.

Last night, on July 24, the actors of this movie attended the premiere at Koresh Film Campus with their audience.

Aida Bhanandi, director, writer and producer of the film told her audience: After watching the film, I feel that boys and girls who love each other will love each other more than before. Spouses should love each other more and children and parents should love each other more, because the chances of love in our life are few and this small opportunity should be cherished. Love is the missing link of our time.

He demanded the audience to keep the course of Iranian cinema clear by supporting the films shown, and stressed that cinema needs the serious and emotional participation of people more than ever despite the problems of livelihood and life.

Elnaz Shakerdost expressed her happiness for the audience who came to watch “TT” and asked them to go to see the movie “Jelwa” directed by Arslan Amiri. As Houtine Shekiba, who recently caught the anchor’s attention instead of playing the role of “Magu” on Mahomeni’s show, said: “For three years, a large group worked hard in snow, rain and blizzard to produce this film . . . .” I’m glad the movie is finally with people we can see on screen.

TT sold 9,300 tickets worth 400 million tomans.

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