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“Oliver Stone” and his support for nuclear power and Putin

American director Oliver Stone has expressed his strong support for nuclear power in the face of the growing climate crisis and called Vladimir Putin a great leader.

According to the whistleblower, Oliver Stone, a 76-year-old American director and screenwriter, has released his latest documentary, Nuclear Now, based on the book, A Bright Future: How Some Countries Can Solve Climate Change and Others Can’t. Follow Them Written by American Scientists Joshua S. Goldstein” and “Steven Quest” is ready for the show.

Nuclear Now is a documentary film that examines the nuclear industries in the United States, France, and Russia, and makes a case for more investment in nuclear power globally. This movie tells us to forget about wind and solar energy. Nuclear power is the answer to a world about to lose the race to the climate crisis.

Nuclear Now is the thirtieth film and tenth documentary directed by Oliver Stone, who views them all as interdependent parts.

In an interview with The Guardian about his new documentary, Stone said: “We’ve got it all wrong, and in the face of climate change, nuclear power isn’t just an option, it’s the only option. The truth is we have solutions and we’ve messed with them.”

The director also claimed that “there is no problem with nuclear waste and it is completely manageable, especially compared to gas, oil and coal waste”.

In another part of the interview, he reiterated his support for Russian President Vladimir Putin and said, “I think Russia is doing a great job in the field of nuclear energy. China is also a leader in this field, although I have never been able to hack China, which I wish I could.” From his documentary production. But Putin is a great leader for his country and people love him.”

Oliver Stone, anti-war director, writer, and producer best known for directing a series of films about the Vietnam War and a three-time Academy Award winner.

Squad (1986), Born on the Fourth of July (1989) and Heaven and Earth (1993) have called these three films a trilogy, although each portrayed different sides of the war, Wall Street, Blyton and the Killers. Pallavitra” are among the outstanding works of this American director.

In 1978, he won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Midnight Express and won Academy Awards twice for Plyton (1986) and Born on the 4th of July (1989).

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