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How do we make our road trips affordable?

Informants / Khorasan Razavi Vehicles on the road account for nearly three quarters of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from transportation and are one of the largest producers of greenhouse gases worldwide. To help solve this problem, we must choose the methods that have the least environmental impact.

According to Vifrom, people around the world are making more sustainable choices in all aspects of their lives.

The Edelman 2022 Government Trust survey found that 75 percent of us around the world are worried or afraid of climate change. Searches for climate concern reached an all-time high this year. Also, the search for sustainable goods has nearly tripled in the past five years.

One of the solutions to improve life in the current situation is for people to improve desirable road conditions to improve fuel consumption, make more sustainable choices on the road and save money.

In addition to offering the fastest route, people are now also offering the cheapest routes. Since its introduction in the United States and Canada, people have used it to save more than half a million tons of greenhouse gases, the equivalent of taking 100,000 fossil-fuel cars off the road.

In Europe, a new feature will also be launched that will allow drivers to select the type of their vehicle’s engine (petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric). So the selected route is appropriate for the type of fuel you want to save.

This technology is made possible by artificial intelligence, which relies on advanced technology to fight the climate crisis. AI identifies all reasonable paths that can be taken to get from one road to another and calculates the fuel consumption of each based on historical traffic patterns, slope, road type, and more. This technology allows people to find the most economical and fastest route to their destination in a split second.

Of course, this new fuel-saving feature isn’t the only way to travel more sustainably. Various alternatives to driving have long been offered, including public transportation and bike lanes.

The climate crisis affects all of us and cannot be resolved overnight, but with the right solutions and following green paths, we can move towards a greener future.

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