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Corona zero day repeat in Iran

Fortunately, according to the Ministry of Health, no deaths were reported in the country in the past 24 hours due to coronary heart disease, and therefore, one day after death, the disease recurred, bringing the total number of deaths to 141,363. People have arrived. .

According to the informants, from yesterday until June 20, 1401, 160 new patients with Covid 19 were identified and 40 people were hospitalized according to sensitive diagnostic criteria.

The total number of Covid 19 patients in the country has reached 7 million and 234 thousand 757 people.

In the past 24 hours, no patients with Covid 19 have died in the country and a total of 141,363 people have died.

Fortunately, 446 of the 7.60 million patients have been cured or discharged from hospitals so far.

297 COVID-19 patients are being treated in hospital intensive care units.

To date, 52 diagnostic tests have been performed on 52 million 509 thousand 885 kV in the country.

Currently, no city has a red and orange aura. There are 106 yellow cities and 342 blue cities.

It is worth noting that on June 12, 20 and 29, three days of infection with the Corona virus were reported in Iran since the beginning of the outbreak of this disease.

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