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Pregnancy after abdominal plastic surgery

Pregnancy after tummy tuck or tummy tuck surgery

Pregnancy after a tummy tuck is a constant concern

Whenever we look at the most frequently asked questions about cosmetic abdominal surgery, we find that most applicants are concerned about pregnancy after a tummy tuck and the relationship between them. A tummy tuck is a method of reducing the size and shape of the abdomen, in which incisions are made in the lower abdomen and the skin is directed upwards.

Then the fat and tissue are cut and the excess skin from the abdomen is cut. People who intend to have this operation should know that abdominal plastic surgery is used to shape and reduce fat and does not have a significant impact on weight loss. The maximum amount of fat that can be removed with this process is a maximum of 4 kg.

Questions asked about the relationship between pregnancy and tummy tuck surgery include the following.

  • Can I get pregnant after a tummy tuck?
  • Does tummy tuck surgery and pregnancy affect each other?
  • Can cesarean section and abdominoplasty be done together?

Can I get pregnant after a tummy tuck?

In response to these, it must be said that a person can get pregnant after abdominal plastic surgery and there are no obstacles for him. It also does not pose any danger to the fetus. But it is also worth noting that the main cause of obesity and sagging abdomen in pregnant women. Therefore, as a result of re-pregnancy, the abdomen may return to its previous position. Most surgeons recommend a tummy tuck after pregnancy for a number of reasons, which are described below.

Pregnancy and tummy tuck affect each other. In this way, for cosmetic abdominal surgery, the abdominal muscles are compressed and connected with the help of sutures. If the woman becomes pregnant after the operation, the muscles will be separated again and the shape of the abdomen will be affected. Pregnancy after a tummy tuck operation does not have any danger to the patient’s health, but it causes the abdomen to return to its previous shape and lose the results of the previous operation.

Another reason why tummy tuck surgery is necessary after pregnancy is that the plastic surgery on the skin of the abdomen causes the skin to tighten and the muscles of the abdominal wall to tighten, and this may affect the growth and development of the baby.

What are the benefits of a tummy tuck after pregnancy?

As we said, one of the main reasons for the increase in the size of the abdomen and sagging of women is pregnancy. Therefore, abdominoplasty after pregnancy eliminates excess body fat and a woman’s fitness. When this operation is performed after the birth of the last child and is accompanied by a diet and regular exercise, the result can be benefited from for years.

Can a tummy tuck operation be performed at the same time as a caesarean section?

Another common question in the field of tummy tuck and pregnancy is whether it is possible to perform abdominal plastic surgery and a cesarean section at the same time. To answer this question, I must say that these two actions should not be simultaneous at all. The reasons for contraindications to caesarean section and tummy tuck are explained below.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her pelvis changes in size and the uterus becomes bloodier than usual. Therefore, the person’s body is not normal at this time and is not ready for heavy surgery. During both processes, germs can enter the body. Therefore, if these two procedures are performed together, the probability of germs entering the body and the occurrence of infections in the abdomen will double, and this may cause problems for the patient.

To perform these two operations, two different specialties are needed. So it’s a bit difficult to get two surgeons together to do that. Also, if we want to move the patient after the operation, he may be under severe pressure. A tummy tuck and a cesarean section are difficult procedures on their own, and having these two procedures together can be risky. It is recommended to perform a tummy tuck and pregnancy with an interval of two years. A tummy tuck should be performed at least one year after the baby is born.

Can I get pregnant after tummy tuck surgery?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a completely surgical procedure that is performed to reduce the size of the abdomen. The results of this operation remove fat, reduce the abdomen, and remove the excess skin in this area. Pregnancy can also occur after a tummy tuck, and this surgery is not an obstacle to pregnancy. Performing this plastic surgery will result in a perfect body and flat stomach, generally suitable for people with a loose stomach.

Can I get pregnant after tummy tuck surgery?

There are no contraceptives after tummy tuck and it will not cause any problems during pregnancy, but there are reasons why it is best to have tummy tuck after pregnancy.

Most of the clients who undergo tummy tuck surgery are people whose stomach is large and drooping due to childbirth, and the muscles of the abdominal wall have lost some of their symmetry. During tummy tuck surgery, the abdominal muscles are held together and when they contract, the sagging abdomen is removed and tightened.

In the case of pregnancy and as a result of the growth of the fetus, the fixed muscles separate again and the abdomen returns to its previous state of the abdominoplasty operation. In other words, re-loading after surgery causes the skin to relax again and open it up due to the tightening of the suture muscles.

During tummy tuck surgery, because in this way the skin of the abdomen is tightened and the abdominal wall sutured together, so it is preferable to postpone this surgery until after the birth. Women can become pregnant after abdominoplasty, but due to the tightening of the abdominal skin and contraction of the abdominal walls, this can hamper the growth of the fetus, so more attention should be paid to the growth of the fetus because it may not stretch the mother’s abdomen much.

However, women who are still planning a pregnancy can inform their surgeon so that the part of the surgery related to shrinking the abdominal wall is not done during tummy tuck surgery, in which case the person will not have problems re-pregnancy.

So it is best to perform this surgery after the last pregnancy, but pregnancy may also occur unintentionally. So don’t worry and be sure to inform your gynecologist. After surgery, since the abdomen has fully recovered after 4 to 6 months, there is usually no risk to the health of the mother or fetus.

Benefits of plastic surgery for the abdomen after pregnancy

Since pregnancy leads to sagging abdomen and cracked skin, removing sagging and sagging abdominal skin is one of the most important benefits of tummy tuck surgery after pregnancy. Therefore, abdominal surgery is recommended after pregnancy and when you are not planning to become pregnant again.

Tummy tuck and pregnancy

If you have had recurrent pregnancies, know that by contracting and contracting the muscles of the abdominal wall, significant changes in the appearance of the abdomen can be made. On the other hand, keep in mind that if you become pregnant after tummy tuck surgery, the abdominal wall muscles will stretch, which will overshadow the outcome of the surgery. In this way, with the enlargement of the abdomen, you will notice the stretching of the abdominal muscles, and this will have a negative effect on the outcome of the surgery. Therefore, this surgery is recommended after the last pregnancy and weight loss.

Reason for tummy tuck surgery

Many tummy tuck patients usually try several methods to shrink the abdomen. From strict diets to strenuous exercises, there are non-surgical ways to shrink your belly. But why do so many people take these paths but still have a loose stomach? what is the reason?

To answer this question, we must first say that the patient’s history and highest weight should be evaluated. For example, if a person has been obese for several years or has been pregnant several times, he will not have the same physical condition as others.

These people have experienced a stretching of the internal abdominal muscles by over-expansion of the abdomen, which cannot be corrected by diet and exercise. Diet and exercise can help you lose some belly fat, but not too much visceral fat can be burned and tight muscles shortened.

Many women who plan to have tummy tuck surgery do it at the same time as liposuction. In this way, the fat in the abdomen is drained and the flabby abdominal muscles are cut and tightened.

In abdominoplasty surgery, the excess and sagging skin along the excess muscle is cut and a smoother, more proportional appearance of both the abdominal muscles and the skin of the abdomen is provided. Abdominal stiffness after this surgery is another thing that the patient looks for.

Pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery

What happens if a woman becomes pregnant after tummy tuck surgery? This is the question of many applicants for this surgery. A tummy tuck or tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery and does not affect a woman’s pregnancy. Therefore, a woman who is fertile has the ability to become pregnant after this surgery.

But if we want to talk about how pregnancy affects the appearance of the abdomen, it must be said that pregnancy in many cases has a negative impact on the appearance of the abdomen. That is why patients are advised to have a tummy tuck if they are not planning to become pregnant in the future. Because pregnancy causes the abdominal muscles to stretch and weight gain.

Risk of pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery

The question that often arises is whether there is a risk to the mother and fetus after a tummy tuck operation? Usually, if a woman becomes pregnant after an abdominoplasty, she will not become very large until the first few months after abdominal surgery. This is completely normal because the tummy tuck has tightened the muscles and removed the excess skin on the abdomen. But in the following months of pregnancy, the abdomen also swells with time. But there is no risk to the mother or fetus.

What does a tummy tuck operation look like after pregnancy?

A tummy tuck procedure helps tighten the abdominal muscles, remove excess skin, and shape the abdomen. Depending on the amount of excess skin, a tummy tuck is considered partial or complete.

If a woman has had a cesarean section, it is possible to make an incision in the same incisions as before. During the recovery period, the patient is asked to use an elastic band to reduce the severity of the swelling. The doctor will also prescribe medications to relieve pain or prevent infection.

How long can a tummy tuck operation be performed after pregnancy?

It usually takes six to a year for your body weight to return to normal after giving birth. This is the time for the mother to make changes to her diet, eat healthy foods, and exercise. It usually takes six (months) to a year for the judges to leave the mother during surgery to leave her body.

Pregnancy hormones lubricate the tissues and prevent them from sticking together, which leads to a longer healing process. Women who decide to have this surgery after a cesarean delivery will have a longer recovery period.

Benefits of a tummy tuck after pregnancy

In addition to the effect of tummy tuck surgery on aesthetic appearance, it also helps relieve chronic pain and incontinence. Some women usually complain of chronic back pain or incontinence for some time after giving birth.

The effect of pregnancy on the skin of the abdomen

The extent to which the abdominal skin changes after pregnancy depends on many factors, including the patient’s age, weight, general condition and skin type. In general, if the skin is of good quality, it is more likely to return to a fitter state after pregnancy.

Also, many people who have had a tummy tuck and then got pregnant have experienced a more balanced tummy. This is one of the benefits of tummy tuck surgery.

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