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Hospitalization cases in Golestan Hospital reached 184 people / 12 patients decreased in the past 24 hours

Detectives / Golestan Pointing out that the number of coronavirus patients admitted in this region is less than yesterday, the head of Golestan University of Medical Sciences said, “Currently, 184 patients infected with coronavirus are admitted to Golestan hospitals.”

In an interview with informants, Saeed Julfrozi stated that recently, the number of patients admitted to coronavirus hospitals in Golestan Province has decreased in a sinus, but limited, form: “We hope to see the onset of this disease after sick leave.” “God willing, we will not be seeking others, and God willing, the problem will be solved with the help of people.”

He said that people, associations and different levels of cooperation in observing health protocols and avoiding unnecessary trips and periods in the days of prematurity, he said: “If yesterday we had a limited increase in the number of patients in Corona hospitals, this number decreased compared to today 12 people.” They are in the hospital.

The head of Golestan University of Medical Sciences, confirmed that 49 of these 184 patients are currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit, he stressed: 28 patients are also associated with artificial respiration or artificial respiration.

According to the recent Golestan painting, Golfirozi, noting that the four cities of Bandar Turkmen, Bandar Ghazi, Ali Abadaktol and Kalaleh are among the orange cities of the province, noting that the city is a fortunate companion of Golestan Province. red case

He said: At present, 9 cities of Gorgan County, Gonbad Kvas, Galicish, Gumishan, Maravih Tobeh, Minodasht, Ajad Shahr, Akala and Raman, are in yellow state.

The President of Golestan University of Medical Sciences announced that the city of Kurdkoy is under water and said, “We hope to work according to social protocols in the coming days by wearing a mask and publishing a new map of the country.” By observing proper distance and aeration, we are seeing a decline in blue crowns cultivars in Golestan Province.

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