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Today’s NASA image: the fiery disk of the moon over Sicily!

In today’s image released by NASA, we see a full moon over the historic city of Sicily. For residents of the northern hemisphere, the full moon for September (ShahrivarIt is harvest time. The full moon at the end of summer indicates the approaching autumnal equinox. As we approach fall and winter, the daylight hours are getting shorter, and for this reason, farmers should harvest their crops earlier.

NASA named this movie “harvest moonIt is called because farmers can get help from the moonlight and do the farming from sunset to sunrise, illuminating the environment.

Today's NASA image, the moon over Sicily!

The Moon is the only moon of the Earth, which is an average approximation Three hundred and eighty-four thousand kilometers far from it. When the full moon appears in the sky, you can take beautiful pictures of it. In these cases, astronomers and night sky photographers try to capture the moon as clearly as possible from an exceptional perspective.

Sometimes even a phenomenonSuper MoonAttracts people’s attention. According to astronomers’ calculations, in 1401 we saw the giant moon four times. Supermoon in dates May 26, June 24, July 22 and August 21 appeared in the sky. Previously, in other articles, we published a photo of the full disk of the Moon, which is at a smaller distance from the Earth.


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