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According to an online reporter, Seyed Ali Ahmadzadeh said at a meeting of the country’s sheikhs on Saturday evening: The will of the government in the deprived provinces is developing and steps have been taken. are being targeted Come

Referring to the visit of the government delegation to the province, he said: In the next three years, we will have a full awareness of the trip and the allocation of additional funds.

Referring to the transformation of large industries and home businesses, Ahmadzadeh said: The banking system in the province must cooperate positively in repaying the facilities.

Mukhtar Boyar Ahmed issued the oil and gas refinery license in Jachsaran and said: Five thousand job opportunities will be created with the establishment of the Jachsaran refinery.

Ahmadzadeh added: Establishing a power station with a capacity of 750 megawatts the body Husband delete Come

The governor also considered large water supply projects, covering areas subject to water stress, improving Bedouin roads with 260 billion tomans, establishing rural roads and improving water networks and other ongoing programmes.

He stated that the enemy, desperate to fight a direct war, intended to create a civil war in the country, and said: This sedition also failed.

Ahmadzadeh said: The enemy is trying to create chaos in the country to prevent development, but with all these obstacles, sanctions and betrayals, we are the best in military, scientific and naval affairs.

He said: Islamic Iran is at the peak of its strength and will never surrender.

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