A farewell ceremony for a defender at the mausoleum of Mahdi Akbarpur Roshan in Babylon

A farewell ceremony was held last night in Babol for the defender of the shrine of Mehdi Akbarpur Roshan.

The Mazandaran Radio and Television News Agency reported that the farewell ceremony for the martyr of the shrine of Mahdi Akbarpur Roshan was held last night at the shrine of Imamzadeh Qasim (AS) in Babol.

Mahdi Akbarpurour, a fighter in the Roshan shrine from the village of Roshanabad in the city of Babul, who spent his life defending the shrine of Bibi Zainab Kubri (peace be upon him) in Syria, fulfilled his long dream and joined his martyred friends.

He was in Syria for several years as a defender of the shrine of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and was martyred on July 15, 1402 after suffering long injuries.
Today, the pure body of the martyr will be transferred to the holy city of Mashhad, and from there to Behesht Zahra in Tehran for burial.

Mehdi Akbarpur Roshan, after the two martyrs Syed Reza Taher and Hassan Rajivar, is the third martyr who defended the shrine from the city of Babylon, and according to the information received, he is a resident of Tehran, and according to the will of that martyr he will be buried in Shahidi Behesht Zahra in Tehran next to his martyr friends.

The uncle of this martyr, the defender of the shrine of Ali Akbarpur Roshan, was martyred in January 1965 in Operation Karbala Bang.

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