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According to an online reporter, Ali Akbar Hosseini Mehrab this Saturday evening at the opening ceremony of the Article 16 addiction treatment camp in Khuzestan, referring to the wonderful presence of the people at the 22nd Bahman rally, he said: “We put our foreheads on the ground and from all the people of Khuzestan who are on the scene with force . “I appreciate it.

The governor of Khuzestan refers to the presence of four thousand martyrs Faraj He said: We are ashamed of the martyrs Faraj We are their families.

He stated that the operations took place in the martyr’s barracks Varghavani The proverb goes: Activities in the barracks of the martyr Varghavani It can be implemented as a simple model for the rehabilitation and employment of drug addicts in this center.

Hosseini mihrab with emphasis on the need for the meeting Bring Drug addicts in the province said: All cities must be cleansed of the presence of drug addicts. Treatment, education and work are essential for those who have recovered from addiction.

The governor of Khuzestan explained that all agencies should appear in the fight against drugs in a coordinated manner, and said: The coordinating headquarters for drug control should be formed during the two-year plan in cooperation with all agencies.

In the end, he said: The fight against drugs in Khuzestan must be carried out in a way that makes us a role model for other provinces.

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