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Mr. Karma! I have to be safe to do well

According to Schaffan, today RDBEHASH’s eighth anniversary coincides with World Occupational Safety and Health Day, April 28, 2022.

A day to pay attention to the views of community health officials about the physical and mental health of workers, employees, and others working in the public and private sectors.

Mr. Karma!  I have to be safe to do a good job

The health and safety of the workplace and the provision of various services to individuals and different segments of society is important and important, because the efficiency of work and effort for each individual in different circumstances is apparent and desirable. And quality.. to be perfect physically and mentally and to work safely in the way of production and employment.

For more than two years, the Corona epidemic has changed the work environment in various societies and industries, causing many jobs to be completely removed from the work cycle and the layoffs of thousands of workers and employees.

Forced changes in the aura, widespread reliance on telecommunications, online commerce, and … its benefits, have led to increased psychological and social harm.

The outbreak of this deadly virus has shifted huge profits to a working class society and left countless workers with daily livelihoods.

Jaafar Zandeji, head of the Ministry of Health’s Center for Health and Work Environment, in an interview with a health reporter from the electronic news agency Mokhbaran. He said: The International Labor Organization for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases will hold the 8th RDB Gala in Iran on April 28, 2003.

He continued, “The World Day for Occupational Safety and Health is in fact an annual international activity to institutionalize safe and healthy work around the world.”

The head of the Health and Work Environment Center at the Ministry of Health added: “Holding this event is an important part of the ILO’s global strategies to promote occupational safety and health in all workplaces.” The ILO supports the holding of this event and policy in line with the statement of all governments.

Creating a global culture of occupational safety and health

Life Said: The ILO has strived to create a safety and health culture in the workplace for many years by creating occupational safety and health management requirements.

He said: “In 2021, focus on strengthening occupational safety and health systems in the face of current and future crises, and strengthening the occupational safety and health system, and with this year’s slogan, occupational safety and health culture to achieve positive results together. . “They met. “.

The head of the Health and Work Environment Center at the Ministry of Health said: “This announcement emphasizes creating and achieving a culture of occupational safety and health through dialogue and social dialogue between government, institutions, employers and trade unions.” The full participation of stakeholders is important in ensuring, maintaining and promoting employee health.

The efforts of 3 ministries and authorities for health in the workplace

“Therefore, we deserve development and communication between the work community, employers and government agencies, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, and the Social Security Corporation,” Zandeji noted. Other influential stakeholders in the field. And institutionalizing a positive culture of occupational safety and health in the community.

“Indeed, an occupational safety and health culture is one in which the right to a safe and healthy work environment is respected at all levels, a place where governments, employers and workers participate effectively and systematically,” he said. perform their responsibilities and duties. This principle has a high priority in terms of providing a safe and healthy work environment.

What is a decent job?

“In defining decent work, employees enjoy adequate wages, safe and healthy working conditions, job security, reasonable future work, and adequate legal protection,” continued the head of the Health and Work Environment Center at the Ministry of Health.

“Indeed, governments and social partners actively participate in all aspects of the OSH decision-making process through effective social interaction,” Zandeji said.

He said, “It is important to develop and review the policy of the occupational safety and health system and the actual application of occupational safety and health principles in the workplace, through sustainable frameworks and regulatory frameworks to meet new challenges in occupational safety and health.” . health system”.

“Social interaction helps to continuously improve occupational safety and health policies and strategies, and facilitates the implementation of a more effective occupational safety and health system by creating commitment,” said the head of the Health and Work Environment Center at the Ministry of Health.

Establishment of sanitary houses in factories and workshops

“In our country, the efforts of the Social Security Organization and the Ministry of Health to provide, maintain and provide health services to workers in cooperation and synergy with the three agencies of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare.” We have achieved very good results in establishing health houses for workers and in this field.

“On the other hand, and with the voluntary cooperation of health-conscious employers, the way to achieve the ultimate goal of occupational health is to promote employee health,” he said.

robust occupational safety and health system; The element of a healthy workplace

The head of the Health and Work Environment Center at the Ministry of Health noted: “We have also shown the successful experience of preventing and combating Covid-19 in our work environments and the efforts of health professionals in this field.” The professional and intentional involvement of organizations, employers’ organizations, workers and all relevant stakeholders who are active in OSH in a strong safety and health industry and at the national level plays an important role in creating a healthy work environment. Ensuring and maintaining the health of employees.

Evidence of hope for occupational health during Corona

“Since the beginning of the Corona epidemic, a large number of occupational health workers and some of them, despite the evidence, have not committed to the healthcare moment to maintain the health of the country’s workforce,” Zandeji said. “Protocols are not appropriate in the workplace.”

“With the efforts of occupational health professionals and the constant pursuit of occupational hygienists in industries, fortunately, we have not seen a cluster epidemic in industries and in these special economic circumstances, despite the difficulties,” he said.

A special program from the Ministry of Health for health in the workplace

The head of the Health and Workplace Center at the Ministry of Health said: “Several programs have been implemented and followed up in the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education to preserve the health of workers in the workplace.” It includes targeted occupational health studies, occupational health in medical centers and hospitals, chemical disaster management in accordance with Sychem’s international commitments, health of farmers and carpet weavers, health of mines, health of construction workers and gas stations.

Life said radiological health, provision of occupational health services to prisoners, provision of occupational health services to small workshops, self-employment and informal occupations, gradual removal of mercury from industries under the Minamata Convention, and a ban on the use of asbestos. . RC, Self-Declaration of Program Implementation, Technical Protection and Occupational Health Committees, Detection of Challenging and Harmful Occupations, Occupational Hazards Monitoring (Chemical, Physical and Ergonomics) and Occupational Health Inspections.

Noticeable! In order to have the desired quality of work in any category and job, its main component i.e. human resources must have good physical and mental health and provide a safe and calm environment for the individual and the people working in that group. Providing good work and desirable services will be the recipient of the service.

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