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Spanish Car Flower Basket / photo

Amir Masoud Abdeen:A very attractive and sporty design with designs similar to the concept is one of the features of the appearance of the Tavascan.

Spanish Car Flower Basket / photo

In most of the Tavaskan space, such as the frontal view, we see the use of triangular elements. The headlights are triangular in shape and have 3 lights with the same triangular graphics. Much of the front sight has black hardware.

Spanish Car Flower Basket / photo

In the rear view, the car lights are attached to the triangle Cobra logo, and the graphics of these lights have a special spatial design, and the Cobra name is placed at the bottom of the trunk door. The car’s diffuser uses a sporty and aggressive design.

The sporty 21-inch multi-spoke wheels with a black and gold color combination further enhance the side view.

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Spanish Car Flower Basket / photo

The Tavaskan cabin is a true symbol of creativity and design perfection. The shape of the dashboard seems to be inspired by a fish table and has a high visual appeal. The global air vent style, combined with the narrow center console, are the highlights.

Augmented reality head-up display, 12 speakers, adaptive cruise control, safe exit assistant, semi-autonomous driving and the ability to control some systems such as air conditioning through a mobile phone are other important features of this car.

Spanish Car Flower Basket / photo

Two variants of VZ and Injurence are available for the Tavaskan, the base variant called Injurence uses an electric motor with 286 horsepower and 545 Nm of torque, and this variant can travel 550 kilometers after each charge.

The powerful VZ model uses two electric motors at the rear axle that generate a total of 340 horsepower and 680 Nm of torque.In this model, you can travel 520 kilometers on a single charge.

Acceleration from 0 to 100 for the mighty brigade is 5.6 seconds.

The Tavascan will be built at the Volkswagen factory in China.


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