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Others have proven statuses, Marmat and Kaush in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

The inheritance assistant of Farhangi Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari others and the status of the proven, recorded and recorded in this state of the anatomy of the Kurdish and Gift: in the length of the question, how much is the Bastian, in this state of succession.

There are 644 immovable traces that have been proven, and they have been proven in different times, and the decision has been proven. They are 44 traces of where the traces of the appointment of a harem and a chaste place are established, and the harems of the castle of “Farkhshahr”, “Faradanbeh” and “Shamsabad” are established in the case of their feet.

Or Afzud: 24 historical things that have been transmitted. They are 30 natural effects in this astan that have been proven, and that has been effected by a digger, in the period of the decision of his room and that include the view of Farhangi “Shah Manzhar”, “Dakhtan Chenar” Dashtak and “Hamza Ali’s Blessing”.

Walizadeh Darbara and the status of the book of the works of Namalmous in Astan, appearing in response: Astan Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiyari Ta-Kunun 93, a work in the catalog of the inheritance of Nalammous, as a source with a record of its support, the element “Ayyin Girznoun in Farhang Bakhtiariha”, “Funoon Bardasht Namak in Rostai Saraqasid”, “ Drawings of Ajak in the month of Yancheshmeh, “Your bride is Khari and Farhanghai, and she dressed him in the month of Gandman”, “The arts of making Khurma Kalkhung in Shahristan of Radgan” and “The arts of making Gara Gol Barnjas Ya Qand Suz” are published in Tazgi in the Namalmos inheritance catalog.

Or, as a statement, that the financial year 1400 (Shahriyur AH 1401) is a billion and will be issued in papers in a sad historical building, which is preserved: as a phrase, that is, in a sad phrase, i.e. in a sad historical building, the Shervani of the castle of “Dazak” and Bakhsh Chalaster Pod. For the sake of the latter, the most recent problem is in the historical foundations of Nadashtim. In the present case, there is a problem that in the historical foundations of the existence of the “Pul Zamankhan”, which is afraid of the verses of these, but in the case of their destruction. Owner in the inheritance of Farhangi Nest and Mutawali and Bahrdar Bardar that Shahrdari Ast, but he does not change his mind that histem and with the care of his landlord’s estate put out his mind in Balra Rahih may not be based on that, consideration of the source of Niyaz Procedure after the place of insurance that the personal consideration has been .

Farhangi’s inheritance assistant, Bakhtiari Bakhtiari Darbara, the other Kaushie in the Shahramahal Astan and Bakhtiari Anjam Ast, gft: Kavish “Khalilabad Khaki” and “Bardankan Dehchashma”, among other things, Kawshiyyah Buda such an Anjam, but here Kavishna.

payam end

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