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The inseparable twins of the epidemic – the informers

“The Border” and “The Hole” by Tosca Lee can be called inseparable twins. The story that begins in “The Border” ends in “The Hole”.

According to the informants, in the preface to the Shalgordan Publishing House, one of these novels, which was published in the translation of Roshank Aramesh, it says: At the beginning of the novel “Murz”, we witness the spread of an infectious disease. , a disease that threatens humanity and will wipe out the world, a disease whose origin, epidemic, and cure are shrouded in mystery. Our hero is not one person, but a group of people who strive to improve the concept of life.

At the end of the book “Borders” we saw that the deadly and contagious disease has covered the entire United States, so there is no way to save it except prevention and immunization with vaccines, so until that day people must be in quarantine and use gloves and masks Noah, who upon hearing his name reminds us to build the ark and save Mankind, he also worked here and by building a unique sanctuary, he saved many people from death and disease, so that if the world is destroyed by disease, the human race will not be extinct.

For six whole months, our heroes live in a large, modern underground arena, waiting for the doors of the Sanctuary to open and encounter a new world they don’t know what it will be like.

“The Hole” starts from the shelter and summarizes the events of six months, depicting pain, suffering, friendships, love and tragedies, and showing us what a person can become in difficult circumstances. The shelter doors open, but the survivors have no idea what they are about to encounter.

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