Providing 110 dentists in Al-Kafeel camp for clients in Khorramabad – Electronic News Agency | Iran and world news

According to the Internet reporter, Syed Amir Abdulmalki, on Friday, referring to the jihadist camp in the medical camp in Khorramabad, said: During Eid al-Fitr, the camp and the medical group provided specialized medical services. Customers in Karmbad for five days.

He said: “In this camp, 110 doctors and dentists hosted more than 2,500 clients from relief committees, charities and charities and provided them with specialized services.”

Khorramabad customers

Commander of the jihadist army Letter He pointed out: comprehensive dental services from pulling, surgery, filling, repair and removal by colleagues in the jihadist group during this period, free visits to general practitioners, and free drug delivery to customers.

Referring to the doctors who were sent to Khorramabad, Abdul Maliki said, “Khorramabad Medical Group is from Fars, Isfahan, Tehran, Alborz, Kermanshah and Khorramabad provinces and aims to reduce people’s medical concerns.” Participate in this jihadist camp.

Khorramabad customers

He said: “The jihadi youth of this jihadi group have proven that they follow the leadership lists with all their might and try to serve the deprived, and we hope that the officials will learn from these jihadist camps and will not hesitate to serve.”

Khorramabad customers

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