Mutations in the inhibition of corona – informants

The number of Corona victims last night reached 13. Despite the increasing trend of the disease in the world, experts have studied the reasons for the decrease in Corona deaths in Iran.

According to informants, this newspaper citizen About 26 months after the outbreak of Corona in Iran, the daily deaths of Covid 19 patients were, for the first time, on the verge of quitting smoking; The last time the number of corona deaths was less than 20 was announced on January 17, 1400, 19 people. They lost their lives, but at that time the peak of Amicron had just begun and the descent did not continue; People have arrived.

Until this year, forecasts for the seventh summit were on a downward slope to identify disease, illness and death in the week to April due to the reopening of university centers, Nowruz and the new population of Amicron. . Experts now believe we won’t have a critical peak in the country until summer, unless we encounter new subtypes or new strains of coronavirus. But the question, despite the fact that tens of thousands of patients are diagnosed every day in some countries, including the United States (50,000), France (80,000), Germany (100,000), Italy (70,000) and the South, what happened in the country? . Did Korea (200,000 people) and .. Corona reduce and regulate the situation in the country? Yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a new recommendation urging people around the world to continue wearing the mask in public places, even if local authorities canceled the mandatory use of the mask. This is because masks have been shown to be very effective in reducing the transmission of the coronavirus if used correctly.

Nader Tavakoli, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Corona Diseases Administration Command in Tehran, considers that one of the main factors in determining the current situation of Corona in the country is proper vaccination coverage, which has reduced the spread of the disease in the country. He told Hamsha: “In many countries, vaccination in the first two doses and the third dose is not the best in our country, and this vaccine was able to create the necessary efficacy.” For this reason, it is highly recommended to inject the third dose of the vaccine three to four months after the second dose to boost immunity and reduce disease severity.

Factors reducing disease in the country

Meanwhile, according to Mohammad Reza Salehi, an epidemiologist at Imam Khomeini Hospital, the disease has intensified in many European countries, such as Iran, but some countries are facing an increase in cases of new subtypes of amicron. Salehi considers the current positive situation in the country two reasons and says: Of course, given the optimum vaccination coverage in the country and the population increase in the coming days, we hope that we will not see a repeat of vaccination. It will peak and will continue to adapt to the current situation.” Health protocols.

After counting the number of patients admitted to the medical center’s general coronary ward, Muhammed Nizari Istahari, supervisor of Imam Khomeini Hospital, said: The number of critically ill patients is lower than in the past.

In addition to discussing vaccination, they believe that adherence to protocols in the country is one of the most important and most effective factors in reducing disease: they sit together. This problem can lead to more diseases in the community. But in Iran, despite the scaling back of protocols, more than half of them still wear masks.

Nizari also points to the exacerbation of the disease in the country and says: Many people with coronary heart disease contract coronavirus disease and do not go to medical centers at home due to self-treatment. “This is a sign of recent weakness, and people who go to hospital are more likely than others to have underlying disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or chronic disease, which makes them more vulnerable to contracting the virus.”

We don’t have mass testing, but the disease rate is declining

Mustafa Kenai, a member of the scientific committee at the Corona Center, believes that the disease is regressing due to the mutations caused by the Corona virus. He explained to Hamsha that “this kind of jumps in the micron occurs in a way that does not include the airways of the lungs and is found only in the nose, chest, throat and upper respiratory tract.” Amicron and its subtypes are more contagious, but have a lower mortality rate than previous strains of MERS-CoV.

According to Ghani, deaths around the world are declining not only in Iran, but in Iran there is no indication that there is no time to reduce the disease, conduct mass testing and mass diagnosis: “Now we cannot quarantine through mass tests. But with the presence of Fewer tests than other countries, daily identification numbers are declining, indicating a lower disease burden in the country.

He said, “The Corona Scientific Committee expects the situation to continue for up to three months unless we face a new surge in the virus.” Since schools and universities have resumed, and the fact that there are no physical gaps and the mask is no longer visible as in the past, the only important factor in stabilizing coronary artery disease is the vaccine, especially the third time. Currently, about 40% of people with coronary artery disease have no significant physical problems or symptoms of the disease and can clear the infection. “Therefore, more adherence to vaccination and health protocols may reduce this transmission.”

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