The implementation of electricity distribution construction plans in Shiraz is being accelerated

By interacting with departments

The Director of Electricity Distribution Kuyem said: I consider the priority of Shiraz Electricity Distribution to interact with the various departments with the aim of accelerating the construction and development process.

 The implementation of electricity distribution construction plans in Shiraz is being acceleratedAccording to the report of the Central Radio and Television Fars News Agency, Saeed Muthaqqi explained that in most construction projects, especially large projects, cooperation between sectors is the main factor in accelerating and facilitating implementation work, and he said: These current large projects in the city of Shiraz are the construction of the Goyim Tunnel. , which aims to improve traffic inside and outside northwest Shiraz and is being implemented by the municipality’s technical agent.
The Director of Electricity Distribution in Goyim continued: Given the importance of the Goyim Tunnel Project and the connection of this huge project to the new highway from Shiraz to Isfahan, as well as interactions have been expanded to facilitate and accelerate work and so far many capacities have been expanded. Procurement plans have been prepared and submitted to the Project Manager for implementation and notified.
He stated that the riyal estimate for repairing or establishing electricity supply networks amounted to about 33 billion riyals, and said: Given the presence of a large number of transverse networks and maneuvering points related to the stable electricity supply to legal subscribers on the road. To implement the project, which in order to facilitate and ensure the safety of the rigs, there was a possibility of network failure, power outages and other risks, the occurrence of which was prevented by performing frequent maneuvers.
Mottaki added: To facilitate the frequent traffic of the giant drilling rigs, a subnetwork was completely removed with several operational teams during a 12-hour operation without shutting down subscribers.

The Director of Electricity Distribution in Koyim noted: In recent days, the electricity supply and street lighting project for Shahidan Zamani Street, which is used as an alternative route for the Shiraz-Spidan main road, has been implemented in positive cooperation with the municipality of the tenth district and. The technical agent of the municipality of Shiraz and will be exploited.

The Director of Electricity Distribution in Quyem said: “Currently and within the scope of implementing this construction project, given that it is located in a strategic residential and commercial area, there is no problem in terms of supplying customers with electricity and implementing electrification projects and the safety of citizens, as well as in the future, implementation plans will improve the condition of the electricity network.” electricity in this region.

The Goyim Tunnel project has been implemented by the municipality since the fourth of September last year, on a road about 1,600 meters long and 24 meters wide, with the aim of facilitating the transportation of traffic northwest of Shiraz. It should be ready for operation in the middle of next year.

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