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What is the best service location: Traveling by train can be considered an economical decision, because you can greatly reduce your travel expenses by choosing the train. The total price of a train ticket depends entirely on the route, railway company and type of train you choose. Some railway companies have considered the possibility of holding a car for you and if you choose this option an amount will be added to your travel expenses. To find out the latest train ticket price on the route you want, just visit the Alibaba system and get a list of offers by selecting the origin, destination and date of travel. The “Sort by price” option will help you decide on the cheapest train ticket.
The location of the train in public transportation is an intermediate position. In Iran, air travel is often synonymous with luxury travel, and bus travel is considered budget travel, so train travel is an option between the two. In recent years, with the arrival of five-star trains such as Fadak and Zand to the railways, the location of this vehicle has undergone changes. Those who used to travel by plane before this trip, if they have no time worries, they choose these trains for their trip.
On the other hand, the reasonable price of the train ticket compared to the plane and its close price to the bus has led to more passengers using this vehicle to travel in recent years. After the possibility of buying and redeeming train tickets online, which was first introduced by Alibaba, the acceptance of trains increased dramatically. …read more

Train ticket reservation

When it’s good: Booking train tickets has made train travel easier than ever. To buy a train ticket online, it is enough to go to the Alibaba website, then by entering the name of the city of origin, destination and date of return, you can see all the trains of the railway companies on the route you need. Depending on the departure time, train facilities and budget, you can choose the most suitable ticket and get your ticket online by finishing your train ticket reservation and payment.

One of the differences between the train and other public vehicles is its enclosed compartments. You can close the four-seat and six-seat coupe to experience a more comfortable journey with your family or friends. Locking the cabin is not a difficult task at all, and during the process of buying tickets online from the site, you can easily buy your train ticket in a closed way. If you are traveling in a group or if you have small children with you, we recommend enclosed cabins.

Train travel is cheap and this makes it attractive to students. Normally, students who study in non-home cities travel frequently and return to their home city at least once a month, with the train as one of their main options; Because it has a reasonable price and they will experience a comfortable ride.

By providing full capacity on high-traffic routes such as Tehran-Mashhad-Tehran, Isfahan-Tehran-Isfahan, Yazd-Tehran-Yazd, Tehran-Shiraz-Tehran, etc., it is possible to buy train tickets quickly and easily, especially during peak days. Travel like Nowruz and summer. By visiting the system, installing the APP or Alibaba, you can safely purchase your train tickets on Alibaba.

Tehran – Mashhad is the busiest railway line in the country, trains of all railway companies carry passengers on this route. The presence of the Imam Reza Court in Mashhad, the holding of various seminars and conferences, and the implementation of commercial projects made this road one of the most prosperous railways. Trains are very popular on pilgrimages, which often take place in groups and families. The price of a Tehran-Mashhad train ticket varies according to the type of train and the railway company, and you can find a ticket suitable for the type of travel for almost all tastes, from luxury trains to bus trains.

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a companytheRailways in Iran

In general, Raja and its two subsidiaries, Safir and Fedak, are suppliers of trains for Iranian railways, and Alibaba provides a significant part of tickets for these companies to applicants through the Alibaba system. The subsidiaries of the Safir Group are: Eastern Railway Corporation (Ben Rail), Gobar, Sir Kozar Railway, Trapar Sheba Rail, Mehtab Sir Jam (Mahtab), Nour Passengers (Nural Reza), Raad and others.

Routes and facilities of Iranian trains

Passenger trains fall into two general categories: saloon and compartment trains. According to the capacity of each train, compartment trains have four and six compartments, with the compartment seats opening flat. Some compartment trains are of the seat compartment type, and the seats on these trains cannot be made flat. Types of coupe train cars include Ghazal Bunad, Suroosh Bunad (Pers), Prasto, Balur Sabz, Safir, Parsi, Sabz, Simurgh, Zindah, Naqin, Ghadir and Persian Gulf. Depending on the capacity of the inner trains, there are three or four seats in each row. The types of carriages on these trains include Saba Bus and Pardis Saloni trains. In addition to suburban routes, bus trains also run on the Tehran-Mashhad-Tehran, Tehran-Qom-Tehran, Tehran-Mianeh-Tehran and Tehran-Yazd-Tehran routes.

Trains please

At the beginning of the activity of the railway industry in the country, the transportation of passengers and goods was not separated and these services were provided by the Iranian Railways. In 2016, the passenger service division of the country’s railway industry was handed over to Raja Corporation. This company was initially affiliated with the public sector and was handed over to the private sector in 2018. The variety of Al Raja trains provides passengers with different options based on facilities, services and quality. These trains are divided into four-seat trains, six-seat trains, saloon trains, and life luxury trains.

Four-seater trains

There are different types of four-bed Raja trains and they are divided into special trains including Zindagi, Simurg and Sabz trains, first class including Gazelle and Sabz trains, second class including four-bed luxury trains and Alborz trains, and third class including trains Persian. Gulf Train.

Raja Inland Trains

Compared to its other trains, Raja domestic trains have a more affordable price and are a very suitable option for those who prefer affordable travel. Classes for these trains include Special Class (Campus Express), First Class (Saba and Iram) and Third Class (bus, double-decker subway, regular seats).

Six-seater trains

Raja’s six-bed trains are very suitable for group and group travel in terms of space and price. These trains are divided into three classes, the first class includes the Milad train, the second class includes the Parsi and Zagros trains, and the third class includes the six-bed converted train.

The life of Raja luxury train

The Luxury Life Train is the newest and most luxurious train that Raja Trains has introduced into the country’s railway fleet. It is an ideal choice for those who are afraid of flying and prefer luxurious and comfortable travel, because the appearance of the Life Train and the facilities of the four-seater cabins are completely different. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a welcome drink and comfortable slippers are provided for them to walk in the lobby. Each cabin is equipped with two 18-inch screens, which passengers can use from their movie and music archives using the headphones provided. Alibaba website has made it possible to buy and redeem all Raja Railway trains online, and passengers can search for the required train ticket and complete the purchase in less than two minutes.

The ambassador is training

Safir is one of the largest railway companies in Iran, and several companies such as BenRail, Jopar, Rail Sir Kausar, Mehtab Sir Jam, Raad Tabriz, Pars Larim, and Noor are among its subsidiaries, which we have introduced below.

Penn Real Corporation

The Eastern Foundation Railroad Company, which we know today as BenRail, got its start in the country’s passenger and freight railway sector in 1373 with the purchase of 10 passenger cars and 100 freight cars. BenRail is the first private railway company that entered the railway and freight services sector in Iran. Now, after a quarter century of operation of this company, significant growth can be seen in the quality of service and its fleet, and Benrail has been able to increase its number of cars from 10 to 131 units during its period of operation. 7.5% of annual per capita rail passenger transportation goes to BenRail, and the company’s fleet has the capacity to carry two million passengers on rail lines across the country. Ben Rail’s fleet includes Parsi, Safeer, Ghazal, Soroush and Balour trains. In addition to the online purchase of BenRail train tickets on the Alibaba website, this website also provides online refund. After the ticket is canceled, the cost will be returned to the passenger’s account in the shortest possible time.

Sir Cozar Railway Company

In 2014, Kawsar Passenger Train Company started its activity by purchasing two compressors of the Gazelle passenger train in the Iranian railway industry. With the addition of four-seater luxury Gazelle cars to other vehicles, this company began to transport passengers on the Mashhad – Bandar Abbas – Mashhad and Yazd – Mashhad – Yazd routes. The purchase of 134 tank cars for transporting petroleum and oil materials marked the beginning of Rail Sir Kowsar’s activity in the field of freight transportation. Sir Kausar Rail is currently providing travel services to 2000 passengers per day. The space of the four-seat luxury Gazelle train cabins is very comfortable, and upon arrival, guests are presented with tea and hospitality packages. If you need to eat main meals on the way, you can order them from the train restaurant. Screens are installed in the booths, and if you are interested in using the archive of music and movies along the way, you will be provided with headphones. Books, newspapers and wheelchairs are provided upon request.

Mahtab Sir Jam Railway Company

Mahtab Sir Jam Railway Company has been carrying passengers on the country’s railways since 2009. The fleet of this railway company includes 87 Persian carriages, 23 German coach carriages and six-seater luxury carriages. The trains of this railway company operate on the routes Ahvaz-Mashhad-Ahvas, Tehran-Khorramshahr-Tehran, Tehran-Andimeshk-Tehran, Tehran-Ahvas-Tehran and Tehran-Shiraz-Ahvas. The six-seater luxury train welcomes passengers with catering packages, tea and mineral water, and provides sleeping services for passengers. When purchasing a ticket, you can also choose your meal from the proposed menu by paying an additional fee.

Saba Railway Company

Trapar Saba Railway Company’s activity on Iranian railways dates back to September 2018. The activity of this company began with the purchase of 50 passenger cars, and in 1992 28 Korean bus cars were added to its fleet. In 2013, 37 Persian chariots were purchased, of which 25 are currently in use. Four-seaters and six-seaters provide similar facilities for passengers. In both types of wagons, there is a restaurant for hot and sundry meals. The screen is installed in the compartments and movie and music archives can be used. Tea, mineral water, catering pack and bed service are provided to guests free of charge. Touch operated automatic doors, attendant pager system, air conditioning system and fragrances are other amenities of these carriages.

Raad Tabriz Company

Raad Tabriz Passenger Train Company started working in the railway passenger transportation sector in 1382. The trains of this company were among the first special trains on the Tehran-Tabriz route, as an agreement was signed between Raja and Raad Passenger Trains in Tabriz. Also, Sahand Raad trains started carrying passengers from the early 1980s and gradually expanded its activity from the Tehran-Tabriz route to other routes. Sahand trains are included in the luxury four board class. Four-passenger Sahand carriages carry passengers on the Tehran-Tabriz-Tehran, Tehran-Mashhad-Tehran, Tehran-Yazd-Tehran, Tehran-Isfahan-Tehran and Tabriz-Mashhad-Tehran railways. Among all these methods, it is possible to place a food order when purchasing a ticket only on the Tabriz-Mashhad-Tabriz route. There are restaurants and snack shops on all roads. Mineral water, newspapers and bedding are provided for guests.

Noor Travel Company

Nour Al-Rida Company (Noor Trains) is the first company in the private sector to purchase components for its trains directly from German, Italian and Japanese manufacturers. Noor is currently one of the most high quality railway service providers in the country with 54 luxury four bed carriages and decent facilities and services. Four-seater luxury trains of Nourreza Railway Company operate on the routes Tehran-Mashhad-Tehran, Tehran-Shiraz-Tehran, Karaj-Mashhad-Karaj and Isfahan-Mashhad-Isfahan. When traveling by Noor-ul-Reza trains, passengers can reserve their meal from the suggested menu when purchasing a ticket, and if they have not reserved food, it is also possible to purchase food in the carriage. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted and along the way you can purchase snacks and food from the trolley shop. The cabins are equipped with monitors and speakers for passengers. Mineral water, wheelchairs and newspapers are provided to guests upon request

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