Standard dimensions for refrigerator side of cabinet

Dimensions and standards in kitchen design

According to, for kitchen design and arrangement, dimensions and standard Get the kitchen utensils or ask your employer to provide the appliances and send you their dimensions. In this section we are Kitchen appliance standards have paid

Standard dimensions and sizes for kitchen cabinets and countertops

Refrigerator dimensions

Buying a Samsung Refrigerator: We know that single refrigerators usually have two doors on top of each other, where the upper part is the freezer and the lower part is the refrigerator. Therefore, the width of these refrigerators varies compared to the manufacturer’s brand and the capacity of the refrigerators themselves.

Refrigerator Capacity (L), Height (cm), Width (cm), Depth (cm)
Samsung refrigerator and freezer 392186.2 83.6 78.8
LG refrigerator and freezer 592184 86 73
Beko Fridge Freezer 552182 84 74.1

Side-by-side fridge dimensions Cabinet depth b

Standard dimensions for refrigerator side of cabinet

In most side-by-side refrigerators, the width is 92 cm and the height is 187 cm, while cabinet manufacturers see a width of 100 cm and a height of 190 cm.

Side by Side Refrigerator Dimensions, Capacity in Liters, Height (cm), Width (cm), Depth (cm)
LG 28 ft 598 178.5 91.2 79.8
LG 30 ft 709 179.7 91.2 92.3
LG 32 ft 753179 91.2 96.3
Samsung 28 ft 513 178.9 91.2 71.2
Samsung 30 feet 684 182.5 90.8 87.1
Samsung 32 feet 732177.4 91.2 88
28-foot bush 522177 91 72
30-foot bush 688 181.2 92.8 85.6
Senwa 28 feet 569180 92 80
Snow 30 feet 637 180 92 90

Standard height and dimensions for kitchen cabinets

Cabinets dimensions:

Floor cabinet display:

30 to 120 cm

View the floor cabinet under the sink:

90-100-120 cm

Display wall cabinet:

30 to 100 cm

display cabinet:

30 to 100 cm

Floor cabinet depth:

55-60 cm

wall cabinet depth:

30-35-40 cm

Treasury depth:

60 cm

Screen depth on the cabinet:

60 to 90 cm

Cabinet height:

The highest height of the cabinet

180-220 cm

floor cabinet height:

70 to 76 cm

wall cabinet height:

50-70-90 cm

The height of the surface on the floor cabinet from the floor:

86 cm

The distance between the ground and air locker :

They range in size from 60 to 70 cm. in standard It is mentioned that the air tanks should be within 200 cm and be within sight and within easy reach.

Standard dimensions for kitchen sinks

He has right and left hips
Drawer status: 1 drawer
Passion fruit status: none
Washbasin length: 120 cm
Washbasin width: 60 cm

Standard dimensions of the washing machine

In the design of the washing machine, you can see three types on the market. Slim, compact and standard model, in most cases we take into account a width of 60 cm, unless the customer has a special item in mind.

dishwasher :

Width: (cm)

45 to 60

length (cm)


Depth: (cm)


washing machine :

Width: (cm)


length (cm)


Depth: (cm)

50.8 – 86.4

Oven and microwave :

Width: (cm)


length (cm)


Depth: (cm)

38.10 – 60.96

Standard dimensions for kitchen gas stoves

The size of the gas stove is very important in the kitchen and is chosen based on the environmental conditions. For example, a full and large gas stove is chosen for large kitchens.

Table gas width 30 to 36 cm – 60 cm four burners length – 70 to 80 cm for 4 large burners – 90 cm width for 5 to 6 burners, most of the 5 burners are designed with 4 small burners and one large burner.

Articles related to the topic of kitchen standards:

Frequently asked questions about kitchen standards: (each question will be answered)

What is the standard kitchen size?

While you may have a minimum kitchen size or a large kitchen, on average, standard kitchen dimensions are around 8 feet (240 cm) wide and 10 feet (3 meters) wide. This is the minimum dimension.

What is the standard size of a kitchen counter?

The standard height for a kitchen counter is approximately 34 inches (85 cm). As a general rule, there should be 4 inches (10 cm) between the table top and your elbows when standing. The standard depth for kitchen countertops, lower cabinets, and drawer units should be 2 feet (60 cm).

How many square meters is the kitchen?

USA — The average kitchen size in new single-family homes is 15.14 square metres, just under 3.96m x 3.96m, according to new research from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

What is the standard width of a kitchen table?

25 in
The standard width for kitchen counters is 25 inches. Depending on your specific space, this number can range from 24 to 25 inches. In the bathroom, countertops are usually between 19 and 22 inches wide.

5 What is the main and standard layout of the kitchen?

There are five main kitchen designs: L-Shape, G-Shape, U-Shape, One-Wall, and Galley. The size and shape of the room usually determines your layout. Although there are differences and deviations, most kitchen designs are designed around this.

What is the right size kitchen island?

The standard height for a kitchen island is 36 inches.
If your island is also used for eating, increase it to 42 inches. If you want a breakfast nook – creating the perfect nook to enjoy simple meals and snacks – make sure the bar stools feature breakfast capability. At least two feet away for reach and comfort.

What is the best arrangement for the kitchen?

U-shaped kitchen layout.
This kitchen design is best for large spaces and can cater to large families.

How do I calculate the size of my kitchen?

To calculate the price of the cabinet, the length of the parts on which the cabinet is installed must be measured. If you have a space that has a floor cabinet or no air closet, you have to separate those parts. The floor locker is 60% of the price and the standard air locker is 40% of the price

Where should the refrigerator be placed?

The refrigerator should always be next to a seat that has enough space. This allows for fast food loading, which means the door is left open for less time and can be easily removed when assembling ingredients for cooking. It is necessary and quickly to put it on the bench.

What is the base of the kitchen triangle?

According to the kitchen triangle rule, the size of each side of the triangle should be at least four feet (120 cm) and more than nine feet (2.70 m), and ideally, the perimeter of the triangle should not be less than 13 feet (3.9 m) and more than 26 feet (780 cm). Overall, not too small and not too big.

Why is the kitchen triangle obsolete?

But – is the kitchen triangle outdated? Many designers are starting to move away from the traditional triangle design in favor of work areas. Zones allow for more creativity and more individuality—after all, many people these days have unique accessories and needs, and the triangle is no longer a logical arrangement.

6 What kind of standard kitchen arrangement?

The 6 most popular types of kitchen designs
One wall kitchen. Commonly found in small kitchens, this simple design optimizes space without sacrificing functionality. …
kitchen kitchen…
L-shaped kitchen…
U-shaped kitchen…
Island Kitchen. …
Peninsula Kitchen


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