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According to the internet reporter, Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Mahdi Hosseini Hamedani appointed Mohammad Mahdi Mohammadi as head of Friday prayer headquarters in Karaj and thanked Mr. Mirukeli for his tireless efforts.

The text of the decision of the representative of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Alborz Governorate was as follows:

Distinguished brother of Mr. Hojjat al-Islam Muhammad Mahdi Muhammadi is undoubtedly one of the centers of communication between the Imam and the Ummah in the Islamic atmosphere of Friday prayer.

Friday prayer is a sign of the unity of the nation and the strengthening of insight and religion in society or taking advantage of evil trumpets that are always eaten and persecuted by the grace of God. In light of your experience, commitment and ability to properly implement social and cultural issues, I appoint you as Head of the Friday Prayer Headquarters in Karaj.

It is expected that by relying on God Almighty, inviting the Ahl al-Bayt, infallibility and purity (peace be upon them) and establishing divine piety, he will benefit from the abundance of Friday prayers and worship. You are waiting for a fruitful Friday to bring the camp of faith, piety, insight and morals closer to your level in the second phase of the revolution. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the procedures contained in the annex with good planning and the assistance of clergymen who are ready for service and jihad and who are familiar with cultural affairs. strong will

I would also like to thank Mr. Mirukelli for his tireless efforts in serving congregants over the years.

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