What is the subject of a carpet weaver’s complaint against Jahangiri?

I was busy reviewing the news headlines, and in the top bar of the screen was the name of my brother Ghulam, Ustad Agha. Mohamed Mahajri Attention attracted:
The article, my dear teacher, came in response to the possibility of Mr. Qalibaf’s complaint against Mr. Jahangiri regarding the content expressed 6 years ago in the presidential election debate, and I have noted the validity of this matter in newspapers and news agencies. The publication of the aforementioned news along with the film, which is known to be a documentary of Mr. Qalibaf’s complaint, made me watch the film carefully several times.

At the same time as I am watching the film, I flip through the pages of the Penal Code book to see what criminal title the country’s chief legislator wants to apply to Jahangiri’s words and the Attorney General’s discussion. After reviewing the regulations, I said to myself; Perhaps, Mr. President, like the day he referred to Article 144 of the Constitution, or the day he read the number 239 as 23 and not nine, or the day he claimed he was a young revolutionary fighter in the 1970s, they meant something else and the media misunderstood him. Because as much as I paid attention to Mr. Jahangiri’s expressions and words, I did not see any criminal charges unless we define Jahangiri’s words in the form of defamation with broad interpretation and of course against the principles of criminal law!

After this comparison and argument of half a paragraph and against the legal grounds, I said: It is unlikely that Dr. Ghalibaf does not know that defamation is a crime punishable by the sixth degree, subject to a term of 5 years, so now after 6 years, it is unlikely that you will file such a complaint, and you should To be educated. You are ignorant and not aware of the laws, because the Speaker of Parliament must know that in order to file a complaint and participate in it the Prosecutor General, in addition to paying attention to the Penal Code and criminal procedures, it is necessary to consult experts, which I suddenly remembered Mr. President, they had a legal advisor! With that reminder, I certainly said to myself that a complaint was filed after consulting with that esteemed lawyer, and without a shadow of a doubt, your understanding of the law is not as good as his knowledge and does not interfere with the work of the elders! At the same time, I came across an article in the electronic news agency Two informants:

The reason for the carpet weaver’s complaint

In the 2016 elections and in front of tens of millions of television viewers, Vice President Hassan Rouhani brought charges of financial wrongdoing, including embezzlement, illegal appropriation of government property, financial exploitation and influence over laws and regulations, against Qalibaf. is an example of targeted public interest

After I saw such an argument from a news agency close to the government, parliament and sovereignty, I said that the Penal Code should have been amended and a new criminal designation under the heading Targeted anxiety of the public mind It was created in the Penal Code.

This was followed from morning to door I am a penal code with such a criminal title.

Because in the penal code that I have, the crime of disturbing the public was not intentionally created, in Articles 746 and 744, the crime of spreading lies and disturbing the public is punishable by the sixth degree, and the time period for these crimes. Criminal surnames are 5 years old!

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