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According to an online news agency, Saeed Karimzad is at the housing board meeting the body He criticized the lack of implementation of the decisions of the previous session and said: The problems of housing units should have been solved by selling some items.

He noted the lack of a technical mountain tunnel sheath from the entrance door the bodyHe said: Two months after approval, the same problems continue.

Criticizing the lack of interest of some managers in meetings, Karimizade said: It is not good for managers not to participate in meetings that concern all issues in the office.

Mr. in charge, said the plaintiff Cogilvie, come at least and explain the services of your office.

He considered the directors’ failure to attend meetings to be negligence on the part of the managers and stressed that tolerance and lack of interest was unacceptable and justified in the matter of housing.

The Attorney General and Kranti Kohjeluyeh stated that according to the Housing Law, the departments that have land in their possession should be allocated for housing, and they said: If a department later admits that it has land and does not declare it, the head of the relevant department should be ready to answer.

Karimzad’s statement: It is the law and priority for the employees of that department, and negligence and negligence are unacceptable.

Addressing the Governor of Kojelvi, the Public Prosecutor said that any director who fails to perform his duties will be punished with the harshest penalty according to the law by sending a letter to the Public Prosecution Office.

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