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According to an online reporter, Ahmed Reza Dalvand, in a speech at the Government-Private Sector Dialogue Council in Luristan on Wednesday evening, he called the conference to introduce economic opportunities in Lurestan to a great and very valuable task and said: This conference has many strengths and capabilities. . Department of Agriculture and Tourism of Lorestan

He confirmed that construction work is underway in Lorestan under the directives and directives of the province’s senior administration, and said: The existing capabilities in the city of Khorramabad have been followed up.

Referring to the construction of the “Malal” cultural and commercial complex in Khorramabad with an initial investment of two thousand billion tomans, the deputy director of construction in Lorestan Province added: “We are issuing permits for this complex and the land is also available for it.”

Dalvand referring to the hotel project “Rock”. Oh .. youKhorramabad said: This project has not been resolved for 19 years and fortunately we are now at a favorable stage with regard to this project.

He said: We have been involved in this project for five or six months, many good meetings and actions have been taken, preliminary agreements have been reached and we hope to start the project again as soon as possible.

In another aspect of his speech, Khurramabad, the deputy civil engineer in Lorestan Province, mentioned the roof and the “Du” tower. coloHe said that action has also been taken: Investors have visited these groups closely there We hope to be able to start requests and negotiations in this area.

Dalvand stressed: These are important steps in Khorramabad and if activities are realized and started, good things will happen in the provincial capital.

He said: The comprehensive tourism plan that was launched last year was achieved with many follow-ups and meetings with consultants, and the plan is ready in coordination with the Cultural Heritage Complex. morning Obtaining approval and tourist horizon for the province.

Referring to the preparations to issue permits for tourism projects, the deputy civil engineer at the governorate’s General Department of Civil Engineering said: “The serious problem that investors face is the issue of permit issuance and administrative bureaucracy in this area.”

Dalvand stressed: We must provide a platform for investors to easily invest and work in the province.

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