The law of acquiring apartments is a catastrophe and an opening for corruption!

This law, with minor changes over the years, has in fact caused more suffering and inconveniences to landlords, tenants, and apartment dwellers in the country, and most of the legal cases in the courts are related to this law, which I called a disaster and a place of corruption in the title.

At the time this law was formulated (1343), the conditions of society were very different from today, people were fair, they respected each other, not everyone pursued their own interests, and most importantly, apartment housing was not widespread enough to identify and solve its problems.

Today, if you are a flat-dweller and you vote for a person or a committee as a board of directors, according to these rules you must be forever bound by the unnecessary authority that these people find, and worst of all, obedience.

With the financial problems of recent decades and frequent financial corruption, if the board of directors and the auditor who must protect the interests of the persons concerned collide with each other and from time to time reports are completely rejected, unrealistic expenses and worst of all the inability to review the expenses do not give them to the population, what to do!

The law only informed the boards of directors and provided them with all authority. He advised the complainant to go to the inspector (the main cause of the problem) and file a legal complaint. Now, if all the documents related to the disqualification of the selectors, expenses, etc.! You just have to go to the honorable court and wait for years!

The author himself was closely acquainted with the legal and sealed documents of the Ministry of Cooperatives and other organizations that confirm the rejection of some cooperatives and indicate the rampant corruption of those cooperatives, but in practice, with the powers stipulated by the law in the field of apartment tenure law. He allowed virtually no boardroom overreach and gave no powers to plaintiffs.

It is time for all relevant institutions to update the law and give more powers to the residents, and the courts must have a special branch to deal immediately with the requests of residents and owners, as is the case for boards of directors. been provided. Undoubtedly, more satisfaction will be achieved, and in practice, the corrupt board of directors will not be able to spare money and bullying for years, and certainly the number of cases in the judiciary and courts will be greatly reduced.

In addition, in the two lectures I gave on earthquakes and earthquake management at the Center of Official Forensic Experts, that is, in fact, with all of my dear ones with whom I had the honor to talk, they were very happy about them. This issue needs urgent treatment, which the respected Chief Justice will give special attention to, and they will take care of that.

* Professor of State Model in Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering and Crisis Management

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