The contractor continues to plow the middle ground

Miancale’s petrochemical CEO is still plowing Miancale’s environment and every day his feet are getting harder. The prosecution demanded that the project be halted. Ali Salaga, head of the Environmental Protection Organization, clearly stated that there is no foreign project called petrochemicals for his organization. Despite this, the plan was still moving forward.

According to the informants, the newspaper “Iran” He wrote: 92 hectares of land have been allocated for this project, and according to the available documents, 35 hectares of it are more than the project needs. It was granted $360 million in loans and a 30% discount on gas delivered. The Director General of the Environmental Assessment Office of the Environmental Protection Agency considers that the plan contradicts the land development document and the Integrated Coastal Management Plan, and according to the sixth paragraph of the Supreme Leader’s policies for the revolution’s policies in the field of environment, he says, “Land use must be based on environmental capacity.” Whether that area, “the construction of petrochemical industries is outside the environmental capacity of Myankala. The Council of Ministers’ decision also prohibits the establishment of chemical industries with industrial wastewater in three northern provinces.

“To protect the environment, we issued a judicial order and stopped the implementation of this plan,” said Abbas Turki, deputy crime fighter at the Public Prosecution Office. Despite the Turkish words, the photos and videos posted show 24/7 investment activity in the national territory.

Super debtor bank

Abbas Turki confirmed on a television program that the investor of Miankala Petrochemical Company borrowed 58 million euros from the Export Development Bank and did not return this amount. He is among the bank’s major debtors. For this reason, we issued a court order to protect the environment and stopped the implementation of this plan, and demanded that the decision of the Council of Ministers be annulled. Executively and during the legal process, the approval of the Council of Ministers and the transfer of the Miankala Wetlands was illegal.
Referring to the transfer of 92 hectares of high-quality land from these wetlands to the investor in 2019, he calls on the government to take the appropriate decision in this regard because Miankala is a wildlife reserve and the implementation of this project has negative impacts on the environment. The Undersecretary for Combating Crime at the Public Prosecution Office looks at the correspondence with the head of the Environmental Authority and the corresponding request submitted by Ali Salaga from the judiciary to prevent the implementation of the petrochemical plan and the restoration of national lands and says: “Previously the environment opposed the establishment of petrochemicals in Miankala Lake in 3 stages, and now this is the fourth stage of the opposition. In addition, the Council Research Center also opposed the implementation of this project.

It does not have an environmental permit

Meanwhile, the Director General of the EPA’s Office of Environmental Assessment also noted that no environmental permit has been issued to Miankala Petrochemical, saying, “If anyone has a claim that an environmental permit has been issued for this project, post it.” Explaining the latest case of the Miyankala Petrochemical Project, Saeed Karimi said, “Since the beginning of the year 1400, the Environmental Assessment Report for the Miyankala Petrochemical Project was submitted to the Environmental Protection Organization and this report was examined in the Environmental Assessment Office of the organization. Since then, several amendments have been announced to the project manager.

Referring to the Environmental Assessment Committee that was convened 3 times, regardless of the technical committees for this project, he says: “In the end, what happened is that the Environmental Protection Agency did not agree to implement this project, and what it claims about issuing such a permit is incorrect. The Director General of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Assessment says that the permit must bear a signature and a hologram and be prominently displayed on the Internet, and publish it.However, after the relevant institutions entered into this matter, it was confirmed that the environmental permit was not obtained. for the Miyankala Petrochemical Project.
Karimi says, “A few days ago, we received reports about the start of the executive operations for this project and the executive authority’s continuation in erecting a fence around the project area, and some reports even indicated the start of concrete pouring operations.”

Incompatibility with the territorial purpose

And he says, “After starting to erect a fence around the project area, we contacted the General Director of Environmental Protection in Mazandaran Province and announced it. “This project does not have an environmental assessment permit, and you have to take the necessary legal measures to stop it.” After correspondence with the General Administration of Mazandaran Province with the project manager regarding The necessity of stopping work and the lack of arrangements for that, correspondence with the relevant institutions for legal follow-up was conducted by the city administration and then the governorate administration.

Karimi says: “What is the basis of the Environmental Protection Organization’s opposition to the implementation of the petrochemical project in the Miankala region is the sensitivity of this region in terms of the ecosystem and the environment. Because there is a wetland and protected wildlife there. In this regard, the sixth paragraph of the declared policies of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in the field of Environment that “the use of the land should be based on the environmental potential of that region”, and the environmental potential of the Miankala region is suitable for the development of agriculture, tourism and such uses and not for building industries, which is heavy industry such as petrochemicals.

Karimi considers that the Miankala Petrochemical Company contradicts the Land Development Document and the Integrated Coastal Management Plan, and says: “The provincial land development program also did not propose a project for that area. The combination of these factors led to the lack of environmental justification for the implementation of the Miankala Petrochemical Project.”

He also says about the land allocated for the construction of the project: “The Land Affairs Authority provided the investor with the land for the construction of the project, but after not issuing the environmental permit for this project, they also sought to take the land back.”

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