Why is the Iranian coolant package making a noise?

Guide to determine the sound of Iran’s radiator beam

One of the common problems that most customers face in Iran radiator agency is the howling sound of Iran radiator beam. The package consists of different parts and parts, the failure of each of them to function properly can cause noise in the equipment. Therefore, to fix the sound of the Iranian coolant package, we must first determine the source of this sound. Determines which part of the package adds sound. First, we need to know how the device and its parts work.

What is the reason for the sound of Iran’s radiator?

Usually, the high noise of Iranian coolant package is due to several reasons:

The first and most obvious reason for the sound of the Iranian coolant bundle is the presence of deposits in the transformer secondary and the return of the return filter.

The second cause of fan vibration is the package that solved this problem by making the fan sound by putting rubber in the parts that vibrate.

It can be the presence of air in the path of the radiators and the misalignment of the beam on the wall-mounted bracket.

Or there is a problem with the Iranian coolant package pump, which needs to be checked.

Finally, for accurate troubleshooting, we must listen to see from which part of the package the sound is coming from, and then move on to fixing the Iran Radiator package sound.

Note: In the article “Comparison of Iran’s Radioactive Package and Bhutan” we mentioned most of the problems faced by the Bhutan Agency. If you are hesitant to buy a bundle between the two Iranian brands Radiator and Bhutan, we recommend that you read this article as well.

Noise-causing factors in Iranian radiator packaging

Causing problems with these parts may cause packaging noises:


Fix Iranian coolant canister sound – In some cases, due to weight and impurities from soot on the fans, the fan makes an annoying sound. To fix the sound of the Iranian radiator package, clean the fan and fan completely and make sure that the fan is fixed in place, let’s make sure and check the sound insulation used in it as well.

packet master converter

In some cases, due to deposition in this part, it can produce noise. To solve this problem, we must first test the transformer and measure the inlet and outlet pressure of the water.

Note: If the package adapter is punctured inside, it can be repaired, by repairing the hole in the package adapter, you will avoid paying the high cost of purchasing the adapter.

Improper gas pressure

Sometimes, improper gas pressure, and a gas unit valve not being adjusted can cause problems, especially when the flame is high, and can cause a sound that needs adjusting to fix.

heating valves

Valves, which act like an automatic valve, sometimes cause problems and cause packaging noises. In order to fix the sound of the Iranian coolant package, the valves and o-rings must be checked for correctness.

Beep sound when played

The presence of air in the circuit

Noise generated by the presence of air in the circuit is one of the common problems. To get rid of the sound of the Iranian coolant package, the circuit must be vented. First, drain the water in the heating circuit with an air vent wrench and add additional inhibitor or solutions as needed.

The reason for the sound of water in the bottle

One of the reasons that can cause the sound of water in the package and in the radiators is the presence of air in the system, remove the air heater from the radiator.

bottle filling valve

In cases where the term “dry run” is mentioned on the package, the pressure of the primary circuit is low or the circuit operates without water, which makes a sound in the package. To solve this problem, a filler valve must be used to inject water into the heating circuit.

Installation location tolerance

It seems to be a small problem, but sometimes the irregularity of the package installation location causes noise. Bending the frame of the package and attaching it to the body may cause noise.

Iran pump coolant pack sound

Shock sounds are sometimes heard from the package, which is caused by the package pump, in this case, a pump shock absorber must be installed to reduce the sound. Then, if this does not reduce the noise, the pump speed should be checked so that it is not higher than normal.

Also, the volume of incoming water should be proportional to the diameter of the pipes, as this can also cause noise. Another factor is slippery parts of the package, such as the expansion source, which can vibrate in place and make noise, and sometimes when the package falls and water drains from under the device, it can be from the expansion source.

iran radiator sound beam repair

Another example of an Iranian radiator that made loud noises as soon as service personnel contacted Tehran; Our staff arrived on site and started troubleshooting and fixing the problem. The sound of the machine was so noisy that when the machine started to work, the neighbors got annoyed too

The reason for the loud sound of Iranian coolant package

The first thing we should check for the reasons for the Iranian coolant bundle sounds is whether or not the sounding of the bundle started at the same time as the changes I made to the wall bundle?

For example, the device may have worked fine in summer mode, but when I tried to change the season to winter, the package began to make noise. If it’s the same as what you said, you should check the problem of lack of proper water circulation in the heating circuit, usually due to the following reasons:

Close the return and return valves of the radiator under the package (in winter, all valves under the package must be open, that is, the valve handle should be along the pipe)

  • Radiator valves closed
  • Dirty copper net is back
  • Defective circulation pump in one adapter packages

The failure of the pump rotor is one of the reasons for the sound of the Iranian coolant package

Pay attention, if the beam sound begins when the pump is started, the problem is the failure of the rotor or the main shaft of the beam pump, which must be replaced.

Another issue to watch out for is how well the package works after the reset and the package beeps. For example, after resetting, the beam sound starts immediately after turning on the fan, you should look for the problem in the beam fan.

One of the main causes of beam fan noise is the dirt on its impeller, which causes the fan shaft to get out of alignment and when it rotates, it sticks to the fan body and makes noise. To solve this problem, the fan must be opened and the impeller washed. Of course, if you want to do it yourself and do not want to open and wash the fan blade, do it this way:

Open the combustion chamber door and when you see the fan start with a wrench, hit the fan body and impeller a few times, then reset the device and keep doing this until the sound stops completely. By doing this, dust attached to the fan’s fan is opened up and thrown through the chimney when the fan is running.

But if after resetting the beam (in winter mode) the package starts to work without sound and after turning on the flame, it suddenly starts to make noise and stops working and it definitely gives an error because the water circulation path is closed as I explained.

The next thing to pay attention to is whether the appearance of the packet’s sound has caused the packet’s performance to crash, or whether the packet is doing its job properly despite the sound?

If the package continues to work without any problem according to the audible sound, it may be due to misalignment of the package or vibration of the fan, in which case you can vibrate by yourself with a rubber tube.

If the secondary transformer of the Iranian coolant pack is deposited or the bypass valve is also deposited, then this problem will occur.

Sometimes, when the Iranian coolant package is turned on for the first time, an explosive sound may be heard, in which case you need to adjust the distance of the spark plug or clean the area around it with a toothbrush.

Sometimes the sound of the package means the sound of water circulating in the radiators, in which case you have to fully open the inlet valve of each radiator beeping and start closing it little by little, leaving it where the sound stops.

But in the end, to solve the noise and also to solve the problem of frequent air ingress into the radiator, you should inject a mixture of one liter of auto antifreeze with one cup of dishwashing liquid into the radiator system, by doing this, in addition to solving the listed problems, the efficiency of the package will increase It will prevent the formation of sediment in the package, as well as in the winter and frost season, if the package is installed on the balcony, then you do not need to worry about freezing of the package and pipes, because antifreeze with its properties will not freeze the water in the pipes.

The reason for the sound of Iran’s radiator beam is one of the questions that consumers of Iran Radiator products usually seek to find an answer to.

One of the main reasons for hearing the sound from the package is the presence of deposits in the transformer secondary, and to solve this problem I suggest that you read the comprehensive article we previously published about descaling in the form of the Iran radiator package.

Usually, the high noise of Iranian coolant package is due to several reasons:

The first and most obvious reason for the Iranian coolant bundle sound is the presence of sediment in the transformer secondary and getting back filter

The second reason for the sound of the Iran package is the vibration of the package fan, which you can solve by putting rubber on the parts that vibrate.

  • The presence of air in the path of the radiators
  • Packaging Tolerance
  • Return packet filter clogging

If you have a problem with some radiators not heating up and your package is more than 7 years old, it is very likely that the heating system circuit has been deposited. To solve the problem, I suggest you read the article we previously published under the title Descaler of Shoofaz Radiator.

Finally, for accurate troubleshooting, you should listen carefully and check which part of the packet is audible and then take action to fix it.

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