Did it make Tehran more strategically costly?

But is this happening on the basis of a premeditated strategy to leave the capital alone and fight the phenomenon of major urban sprawl or diseased centralization?

Well, it suffices to be a little blinded by the economic news of the past few years to answer this question in a big no.

The truth is that the exorbitant price of Tehran is not smart planning but rather a great economic loss, behind which there is no thinking and no plan to confront its repercussions among the urban, economic and social officials in the country.

What can be seen is the unbridled growth of capital asset prices due to the uncontrolled depreciation of the national currency.

Based on this economic loss, we soon face a large population that has to choose between having a roof for themselves and their families around the workplace and having one or two hot meals, milk or food… Education and culture are not enough.

Unfortunately, no one in this country seems to understand the severe social consequences of the desperate masses who can do nothing because of the great cost. We only see some people bucking Randy and replacing the country’s economic waste with outlandish, well-considered, and forward-looking plans!

no brother! The population that shuts its doors in spite and leaves the big cities in resentment is not the same population as you think.

They do not fit into their new place of residence, be it small towns or the outskirts of big cities, they wait and wait for them along with the negative functions of society, economy, culture and, finally, national security.

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