The psychology of the general public in Nahj al-Balaghah – two informants

In Medina Al-Farabi or the Balinese religion of Ubaid Zakani, political positions are given to nobles and sheikhs, and in Medina Al-Jahla and Mozab Al-Mukhtar, these political positions are known to the political leaders and servants. Hazrat Ali (PBUH) was not recognized by the Khilafah and for this reason he sat aside, consulted and waited for various reasons. I saw that I had no help and no one helped me but my people, and I hesitated to help myself which would end in death, and I had to give up my right and drink the bitter drink of patience with thistles. Sadness in my broken eyes and my breath in my chest and throat.

When Hazrat Ali (PBUH) came to power, he called an evil mob and described you as a crowd surrounded by religious hypocrites and tribal traditions, the enemy has come to your homes and you have to fight, there is no military government. …the strength will not last. Primitive society, which had thought of survival because of ignorance and simple living, is now engaging in plunder, and the officials, tribal morals and nervous system of the age of their ignorance are not taken into account. Imam Ali (PBUH) was reminded that he should prepare for war to defend Medina, but the people left him alone. Shaaban and Roseanne and I called you publicly and secretly to fight these extremists and told you to flee from them before they attack you. They covered the houses, the attackers were Muslims, and I heard that he entered the homes of those who were under the protection of Islam and took necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anklets from the necks, hands and feet of the women and the victim. He had no weapons. These attackers only cried and begged for mercy, then the thieves covered the money of the Muslims and died and did not get tired of themselves, so they returned to Medina. Which, in my opinion, deserves such an honor.”

The morals of the elite differ from the morals of the common people. Elites and nobles are the pillars of society, and without power, society tends to be ignorant. The power of the masses is great and if strategies to control them are not thought of, they can form the City of Ignorance. All countries have vigorously developed intellectual, economic and creative elites, and ordinary people have always followed the intellectual and political leaders. Hazrat Ali (peace be upon him) tried hard to separate the people who came to him from the traditions and customs of the pre-Islamic era and to make it clear to them that what they felt was caused by tribal grudges and that it was necessary to change their thinking and their lives. But the people did not act in the interest of society and their condemnation can be found in Nahj al-Balagha. “If I call you in the summer, you say it’s too hot, give me some time for the heat to subside. If I ask in the winter, you say it’s too cold, give me time to get it. Leave the cold, you fugitive from cold and heat like this, where do you fight with the sword? ?These are the faces of people, not men, these are wise and gentle little ones. I longed for your god to die because my heart was filled with blood from your hands and my chest was full of anger.

The psychology of the masses is reflected in Nahj al-Balaghah. If people were looking out for their short-term interests and there was no elite to guide them, an evil city would be formed. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) was an isolated magnanimity, and his companions were few and they could not replace him in a short period of time. Whatever he does, tribal traditions and ignorance rule the people, a group insisted on anarchy style under the guise of Islam, and a group based on personal interests using rituals from antiquity. Both are against the public interest. Meanwhile, people were also wandering, no matter what Hazrat Ali (PBUH) tried, he could not change the situation. “People who are present and oppose us in our request, you speak harsh words like breaking stone by stone, and you do your actions that make the enemy lust for you. You fight a battle to find a man and a battle to find an escape. He who asks you for help is greedy and your greedy heart is far from comfortable. You make excuses. You are stupid and pay today and tomorrow and ask for one appointment after another as if you had a loan.


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