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According to one of the correspondents on the Internet, Seyyed Mahmoud Hosseinpour, in an interview with reporters on Wednesday evening, mentioned that Mazandaran has the largest share in the coastal region in the north, and added: Several important issues were raised at the coastal strategic headquarters meeting. Managing rescuers to protect and protect people’s lives was among the topics.

He stated that this year a special program Oh .. you To manage the beach, he said: The Red Crescent Society was presented as the main responsible for protecting the beach, and other institutions must also cooperate.

He stated that the issue of the maritime economy has been emphasized many times by the Supreme Leader and this emphasis is our responsibility bringer He added: Therefore, a special working group was formed to provide infrastructure for the coast of the province six months ago Oh .. you In the presence of experts in natural resources, the environment, prominent attorneys for the county, etc., we formed.

Hosseinipour by saying that Mazandaran part of He said that the model of the provinces in the country is being considered when developing a comprehensive plan for managing the coast: this plan can bring about a great change in the economy of the province, and the status of facilities was seen in this plan.

Stating that the comprehensive management plan for the Sahel region is being finalized and sent to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development for final approval, the governor of Mazandaran said, “Cultural issues are also important in the Sahel region, and considering the liberation of the Sahel, we need cultural borders in the Sahel region.”

He said: We need a comprehensive program in the cultural field in the coast, and a cultural program based on family, social security and health is being developed.

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