Fire in a residential complex in Qazvin

The head of the fire and safety services in the municipality of Qazvin announced that a fire broke out in a residential complex on Berouzi Street in this city, and firefighters rescued 40 residents of this complex.

Qadir Musa Khani added, according to Qazvin Syed Center and Sima News Agency, “The fire broke out last night in a compound.A fire in the Al-Zaytoun residential complex due to a fire It happened at 23:58 in a 36-unit residential building located on Nasr Street in Qazvin, and officers from various stations were immediately dispatched to the scene of the accident by notifying the 125 system.

He continued, “Firefighters from four stations, Shahid Babai, Minodar, Bonak and Shahid Moftah, were immediately dispatched to the scene with vehicles carrying ladders and rescue mats.

Musa Khani stated that there is a negative floor with a parking lot in this complex, and confirmed: Several cars stopped on the negative floor, and one of the cars caught fire.

And the head of the Qazvin Fire Department continued: As a result of this fire, a lot of smoke filled the upper floors of the building and the flames spread to other nearby cars, and some of them went to the upper floors to evacuate the residents and the other group went to the first floor to put out the fire.

According to him, firefighters who went to the upper floors of the complex safely removed about 40 residents from the building.

He mentioned: 16 residents of this complex, including a firefighter, suffered from slight suffocation from cigarette smoke, and an injured person in the wrist and knee area was sent to the medical center by the emergency personnel present on the spot. The operation ended after securing the accident site at two o’clock this morning.

Musa Khani said: Police officers, traffic police, emergency services, Red Crescent, electricity and gas were also present in this process, and the cause of this fire is being investigated by experts of the Qazvin Fire Department.

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