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Trap spread in WhatsApp / Beware of dangerous links

WhatsApp is a secure messenger, but unfortunately, it has known bugs that can get on your nerves. One of the latest detected WhatsApp bugs is related to a link that causes WhatsApp to crash. Unfortunately, Android users are the victims of this error this time, and clicking this link on iOS will not cause you any problems.

This link, which was first noticed on Twitter and then noticed by the big websites in the tech world, is very simple. By entering this link in WhatsApp, you can create a crash loop. Apparently, this issue targets both regular users and business version users of WhatsApp. In our tests, WhatsApp version turned out to be the most affected by this bug, but in testing WhatsApp version on a Samsung Galaxy S31 with Android 12, WhatsApp crashed, but there was no loop crash. On the latest version of WhatsApp for Android on the Galaxy A52S with Android 13, there was no crash when clicking on this link, and WhatsApp announced that you must download the update to open this type of link. This while we have installed the latest version of Whatsapp from the Google Play Store.

How do you avoid this WhatsApp error?

Usually, by clicking on this link, nothing special will happen and you have to go to the settings of the WhatsApp program. However, a bug in WhatsApp caused the program to crash completely by clicking on these links. The behavior of this error is somewhat different in different versions of WhatsApp on different phones, and as we announced, there may be no news of the application or phone crashing at all.

However, if your phone is prone to this error, there is no way to prevent it, and you should not simply reopen the chat containing the link.


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