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Deaf glasses! – Informants

We’ve already seen glasses with a camera that tells blind people what to look for. The new glasses called “Voice” are a little different from the old glasses because they have a microphone that displays text of what other people are saying.

These glasses, designed in Slovenia, are now offered as a prototype. The glasses have a noise-canceling microphone on the front, a Google Glass-like display, an Android microprocessor, a touch screen, and a lithium polymer battery to control their performance. They have transparent lenses by default.

According to the designers, audio technology can provide the speech of the person speaking to the user in the text.

These glasses work without any other support device, can be modified for one of the five languages ​​considered so far and are said to be less than 100g. Reports indicate that the battery charge is sufficient for more than 24 hours of use.

Voice is not the first company to offer such a product. Another example is the LTCCS augmented reality screen, which failed to achieve its financial goal. Another example is Transscribe Glass, which is currently in development. The third example is an application provided by Google Glass. However, the speaker must talk to the Android smartphone.

The audio glasses can be purchased for around $540, as they are not yet a full commercial product. If these bottles reach production, they will cost $675.

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