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Tara unveils its microlending service

At this meeting, Syed Hamad Kanadpour, CEO of Tara Trading and Technology Development, Waheed Al Shenkhi, Vice President of Development and Innovation, Amir Hussain Bagheri, Vice President of Sales and Operations, and Hassan Mokhtarian, delivered a speech. At this meeting, the technical vice president of this company answered the questions of journalists about the technical and operational aspects of developing this special and different application.

At this meeting, the CEO of Tara, noting that Tara Business and Technology Development was established with the support of 50 years of activity and financial experience and business development of the Julring Industrial Group, said: “Tara’s serious activities started in the year 1400. Now it is digital It tries to reflect on the interests and needs of people today, and its basic principle is to help the economic well-being of the middle class in society.

Syed Hamad Kanadpour continued, “Tara has provided services like e-wallets, corporate care lockers, corporate credit and personal microcredit services recently and in a short period of time since the launch of this service has been well received. “

He said, “Tara has provided financial and credit services to more than 100 companies and institutions in the field of corporate services and has provided loans of more than 1,000 billion tomans.”

He pointed out some of the strengths and advantages of Tara that developed this application: “Relying on the support of the Gullring Industrial Group and 50 years of experience in the field of sourcing and selling centers”, “A special and unique user experience” is. In 460 Iranian cities and 4,500 more than 100 individual and impersonal shopping points in various sectors including FMCG, clothing, fashion, home appliances, gold, jewelry, cosmetics, health, medicine, health, insurance services and more. …, “Not accepting benefits and fees”, “Improving the relative indicators of people’s lives” and …

At the end of his speech, the CEO of Tara said: Our procedures for setting up a financial system and recovering the amount charged of personal credit from the user is built entirely on trust, and of course, if the opposite of this problem occurs, the intended user and his identity “will get negative and services” refuse more “.

He said: It must be ensured that Tara is still on its way to evolve both in terms of user and service, and that plans with the announcement of Tara promise exciting events by the end of this year and in the years to come. With the title of 360-degree digital solutions to promote economic well-being and inclusive thinking, these services can be said to be in line with the corporate duty to people and society and in the form of fulfilling civic responsibility. Brands and companies can be understood.”

The next speaker for this meeting was Waheed Shenkhi, Vice President of Development and Innovation at Tara Business Development and Technology, who explained to the attendees why and how this application was created, its dimensions, development process and future prospects.

Last year, Tara focused on providing corporate and group loans, with Waheed Shenkhi saying: “Today we gathered to introduce and launch a new service from Tara, which is ‘Mini Loan’ or ‘Buy Now, Pay Later!’ The service is famous in the world.

Shenkhi explained that Tara’s microlending service arm is free of cheques, promissory notes, guarantors, collateral and without fees: there is no need to visit in person to use these services, and users can complete all registration procedures within half a month. 1 hour, complete authentication and validation, get a balance of 500,000 tomans to 5 million tomans and buy from 4,500 direct sales centers across the country. It should be noted that the development process of TARA transformers is proceeding rapidly.

He said: Tara helps users manage their short and medium term financial demands and live a financially smart life, and in Iran’s inflationary economy users are already paying for their purchases after two months, and this is in their interest. “

To take advantage of this service, it is enough to have a mobile phone number in the name of the person and a (new) national smart card.

He said: This project will work for the first time in the country with the cooperation of users and a mechanism that depends entirely on trust. In addition, perhaps we need to change our mentality and culture in Iran, we do not need to buy everything with cash and use credit as a cultural change (like other countries in the world).

In another part of his speech, Tara’s Vice President of Development and Innovation clarified that half of the credit received should be refunded after 30 days and the rest after 60 days of purchase.

In this meeting, Amir Hussain Bagheri, Vice President of Sales and Operations at “Tara” Company for Trade and Technology Development, said about the services that can be provided to institutions and companies: Institutional communication is one of the purposes of benefiting from Tara’s services. What has been achieved is to improve their experience. This is their organization’s HR compensation program.”

On the development of the network of Tara adopters, he said: We are trying to develop Tara adopters in various fields and ranks in order to better meet the needs and demands of Iranian families.

Hassan Mokhtarian, the technical agent of the group, referring to the importance of security in every digital service and the dual importance of financial services, said: This problem is present in all stages of the development of this application, from design and infrastructure to software. and the required treatment method

He said: Simplicity and security are two prominent features at other times. Payment through Tara is also done offline and does not require internet. The architecture used for this application is a microservice, which we can easily develop later and use different technologies and different languages ​​to develop it.

At the end of this meeting, the director of Star answered questions from the media.

Tara e-wallet has a 3% cashback feature on every purchase, which can be used for all Tara recipients, in other words, it offers a great permanent discount to its users. Meanwhile, Tara support is available 24/7 at 1573.

It is worth noting that the media meeting to introduce the application of TARA (360° digital solutions to enhance economic well-being) was held at Gullring Tower located on Walyasir Street above Sy Park, in the presence of media representatives and other audiences. Guests

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