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Is there a limit to donating blood after the Corona vaccine?

Referring to the ban on blood donation after the injection of some vaccines, the CEO of the Iranian Blood Transfusion Institute said: People who injected the Sputnik and AstraZeneca vaccine are exempt from donating blood for 14 days, and people who received vaccinations. Other types of vaccines such as Sinopharm and Barakat are not excluded from donating blood and can donate blood safely.

According to the informants, the doctor. Mustafa Jamali said: There is no evidence of corona virus transmission through blood because the corona virus is a respiratory virus and mainly attacks the respiratory or digestive system of humans.

He added: In the first months of the Corona outbreak, and due to ignorance and questions often raised in people’s minds, the volume of blood donation decreased in Iran and other countries.

Jamali stressed: After some time, by removing ambiguity and providing correct information, with continuous assistance to blood donors and the use of the national blood supply network, the needs of all hospitals and medical centers and patients in need of blood and blood products. he met. .

The CEO of the Blood Transfusion Organization announced: With the launch of the seventh wave of Corona and the re-vaccination against this disease, and since Corona has been controlled to some extent, due to the increase in surgeries and the need for blood and its products, respected people should always be more fortunate. Owners of all blood types should participate in this important matter.

And in reference to the infection of many of his country’s blood donors with the Corona virus, he considered after a month of recovery the best time to donate blood after infection, so that neither the donor nor the recipient of the blood would be harmed.

Referring to the ban on donating blood after injecting some vaccines, Jamali said: According to the public relations notice of the Ministry of Health, people who injected the Sputnik and AstraZeneca vaccines are exempted from donating blood for a period of 14 days. Those who have received other types of vaccinations such as Sinopharm and Barakat are not safe from donating blood and can donate blood safely.

He advised citizens: To avoid crowding and wasting time in blood donation centers, they should review the blood transfusion organization’s website and schedule an appointment electronically from any blood transfusion center. At the time required to donate blood

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