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Mohammed Hussein Aristotle In an interview with a reporter on the Internet, he said: The headquarters for coordinating travel services has 11 committees. As for Khuzestan, the Rahayan Nour Committee has been active since the past, and this year, with the addition of the Maritime Tourism, Dams and Dams Committee. River tourism, these 14 committees for Khuzestan.

Noting that during Nowruz, boats are active in the cities of Abadan, Khorramshahr, Maher, Hendijan and Shadgan, he continued: Newroz programs are held in different cities of Khuzestan. Until now, the cities of Umidiyah, Suleyman Mosque, Dasht Azadegan (next to the Martyrs’ Monument), Dezful, and so on. molathani (in the form of an ice cream festival) they have implemented this program.

The Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Khuzestan pointed out that on March 25, 1401, with the aim of welcoming Nowruz, the Shabu flower festival was held, hosted by the Hamidiye, and mentioned: the festival of traditional foods of the western Karun state. and the exhibition of rural abilities hosted by Khorramshahr and the horse riding festival Dezful.

Aristotle Referring to the residence statistics in Khuzestan from March 15 of the previous year to 15:00 on the seventh day of April of the current month, he said: The number of residents in official residences in Khuzestan is 756,522 people, in Khuzestan hotels. 22,855 people in traditional residences in Khuzestan 23 thousand 838 people 95 thousand 68 people in tourist complexes Khuzestan 9 thousand 402 people in guest houses Khuzestan 3 thousand 222 people in hotel apartments Khuzestan 10 thousand 739 people in ecotourism residences in Khuzestan , in the guest house scheme 519 thousand 458 in Khuzestan, 63 thousand 370 in the sample tourist area of ​​Khuzestan, 4 thousand 920 in the national nature parks in Khuzestan, 3 thousand 643 in the highway service complex in Khuzestan, 1 million 610 thousand 851 in the informal. Khuzestan and 171 thousand 476 people resided in emergency shelters in Khuzestan.

Noting that the total number of residents in official, unofficial and emergency accommodation during the aforementioned period amounted to two million, 538 thousand and 849 people, and he said: A series of monitoring visits to restaurants, restaurants, roadside centers and travel service offices, there are 465 accommodation centers and 70 warnings have been issued in this regard.

The Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts in Khuzestan announced the news of recording the total number of visits to various historical, cultural and tourist attractions in Khuzestan by about 10 million, 660 thousand and 713 people, and said: During the aforementioned period, the number. The number of visits to recreational centers is 1 million 134 thousand 231 people, historical centers 3 million 395 thousand 901 people, health centers 2000 752 people, culture 417 thousand 652 people, handicraft centers 266 thousand 840 people, religious people 996 thousand 877 people. 1 million 254 thousand and 407 man-made, 3 million 82 thousand 897 natural, 109 thousand 156 in museums.

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